My posts lag big time. Haha. Anyway, here are the chunks of movie reviews we had for the movies we’ve watched for the last 2 weeks.

Movie title: Unborn
Ratings: 2.5/5
Comments: Totally boring, meaningless and not scary at all

Movie title: Handsome Suit
Ratings: 4/5
Comments: It’s supposed to be a relaxing, funny, corny flick. We had our fair share of laughs. But I think the script writer is trying to portray his line of thought, that beauty lies skin deep. It’s true to a certain extent lah because I believe personality runs a longer mileage and deeper than the physical outer later of skin. However, the compatibility between the female and male lead is too wide. It’s nothing against the looks, the guy is simply too old for her. It’s like father and daughter. Love has no boundaries, yeah. So long both can click, lifestyle and frequency matches I guess.

Movie title: 17 again
Ratings: 4.3/5
Reviews: A funny, relaxing flick which also teaches us a lesson. In this story, Zac married his childhood sweetheart at the early age of 17 when she got pregnant and thus, threw away a bright future of doing what he really likes, like completing his uni or being a basketball NBA star. And all these years, he had lamented on the fact he had sacrificed all that for the family and blamed them for his failure in life. Eventually it created a sour relationship and his wife wanted a divorce.

Sometimes we keep think about something we’ve lost or did not treasure in the past. They haunt us like a leech, torment us with questions and imaginations like “what if”. But in real life, one shouldnt waste all their time thinking about all the “what if’s”, especially when something or someone cant make a difference already.

There’s no “what if”, nobody (other than god that is) knows about the “what if”. So what it really matters is NOW. Like what can be done NOW? What can be done NOW to make a DIFFERENCE? So make the best of what you have instead of staring at a closed door. As the saying goes, if you keep staring at a closed door, you will never notice other open doors waiting for you.

Sometimes, humans are just humans. We tend to forget WHY we’re with our partners/spouses and we forgot HOW we have come that far and all the things we have shared from time to time. There will be times when someone will be taken for granted and thus it takes a toll on the relationship. In this movie, Zac had a chance to replay his youth, which serves as a reminder on HOW he has come to love his wife, his kids and then he realised how badly he has taken them for granted. However we know that in real life, it’s not like the movies.

And so, we need reminders.

Sometimes, maintaining a relationship is also about how you remind yourselves time to time on important and significant matters. They act like fuels, recharging you when you’re actually running low on faith and chemistry.

Like, have you forgotten how your bf has always fetch you home from work most of the time? Just that lately he has forgotten or is unable to do so because of busy schedule?

Like, have you forgotten how your wife can light up your day with her smiles or with her jokes? Just that lately she is so busy looking after the kids that she hardly has the time to really sit down and have a chat with you?

So everyone needs a reminder from time to time. But of course, gentle ones and not super naggy ones. Sometimes girls can gently whine like, “last time you always buy me flowers and plan surprise getaways one leh, but so long dont have already….” Or guys can complain gently like, “last time you very gentle one leh, why lately more and more fierce liao?”


Be careful of the tones and facial expressions though.

I dont know for other people but at least for me and dearie, everytime we send these “reminders” gently, it really brings back all the memories. We will suddenly “wake up” and realised…for e.g, “hmm yeah…lately I have been pretty temperamental…I must try to curb my temper/outbursts…” or “yeah…I quite long never bring her out for romantic dates already or fetch her from work…she must be tired coming back by herself for the whole of the last week”. And then honeymoon period will start all over again.

That’s why it seems our honeymoon period has not mellowed in any way. It’s still as refreshing and enchanting as it always have been. There will be slight differences of course, given that we have been together for more than 2 years.

Ultimately, it takes effort on both sides.

I had not planned to watch this when it looks like some giddy, childish flick for young teens who favour the pretty boy Zac Efron. However I changed my mind after I caught the trailer. It’s really funny and oh boy…Zac can act, quite well in fact. Literally caught me by surprise. Very very surprised. He’s more than a pretty face and I thought his performance was outstanding given his years of experience. Those tears weren’t eye drops for his eyes and nose turned red too. When the emotions ran deep in his eyes, its then when I noticed how boyishly handsome he is.

I think he will be a greater hit than Robert Pattinson in Twilight…whom I dont really find handsome leh…except in certain angles in Twilight where he’s heavily with make-up. He acts not bad but Zac acts better. Nice faces dont do a thing for me until they’re able to act. So spare me Jay la(he’s not even good-looking, but his songs are not bad though), or Fahrenheit(飞轮海). Gross.

Movie title: Taken
Ratings: 4.7/5
Reviews: A very simple plot which can be summarized in 1 sentence; A father who tried to rescue his kidnapped daughter. But the movie is so much more than that. Intense, thrilling, funny too. This is 1 show you shouldnt and cant miss.

Still have 2 more pending blog stuff to update..I’m sleepy…tomorrow I guess..


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