Bridal photoshoot – bad

Many many things to blog. As you would have known, our photoshoot was the day before. I would have put up a list of stuffs to bring but after our photoshoot, I realised many things I brought were so redundant because basically there wont be time or convenience to use them. However, the necessities needed can be used in the studio or car on the way, like

1) Bottles of water
2) Some bread to munch
3) Blotters
4) Loose powder for touch up
5) Hair accessories
6) Body accessories like necklaces, earrings, furwrap etc
7) Eyelash glue or nail glue(if you’re wearing fake nails)
8) Eye drops
9) Additional pair of contacts
10) Cash/handphone
11) Some pills
12) Camera to capture some preview shots for your family members.

Provided you have a sensitive and zi-dong husband and not one who will just sit there motionlessly to play his stupid handphone game because you will be too busy with changing hairdos to do any snapping.

Things to do before the shoot
1) Facial (optional, 2days before)
2) Facial/eye masks
3) Crest whitestrips to whiten your teeth
4) Shave anywhere you deem fit if needed
5) If wearing short outdoor gown or backback gown, prep your legs/back with Shills Sexy Legs foundation if needed.
6) Manicure/Pedicure
7) Shape your eyebrows for a smooth draw
8) UV sunblock for body
9) Sleep early
10) Dont drink too much water

This is a list of things to note, but I think it’s quite impossible to make sure all can be done due to time.

Our photoshoot was horrible. =( I just dont know where to start.

We were pretty clueless on how to pose nor smile naturally, despite me having surfed some sites. And when we smiled, we looked SO FAKE, as claimed by the photographer Ah Ting. She’s quite funny actually, haha and I appreciates her candidness. That should be our major problems. Secondly, dearie cant stand still for most of the night shots which made them blurry. And my makeup didnt last at all. It melted grossly within hours and I cant touch up as I did not bring the compact nor blotter out due to too rush for time.

We’re supposed to go outdoor at 2pm and we only managed to set off at 5pm! Really took too much time in the indoor studio already, which consisted of 4 outfits. The indoor backdrops provided were such a disappointment…mostly are plain with not much furniture like sofas to take pictures with…but Ah Ting claimed there’s no need for flashy backdrops as they’re going to digital-design our backdrops and the album layout etc.

Much time were consumed for the change of hairstyle for every outfit. I lost half my hair because of that because we’re in a rush. The makeup artist, Miki did everything pretty roughly. I didnt stop her because I know we’re pressed for time. My poor scalp. =(

As I’ve mentioned, she’s pretty hot in the makeup industry and it took as far as 1 month in advance to book her. She’s a Taiwanese lady, 10+ years in experience, with excellent service, professional and great attitude. However, I only find her makeup so-so. Her hairdos were great though. I wont blame her for the melting of the makeup, perhaps my silky make-up base ampoules suck but she did not do anything outstanding for my eyes. In fact, I thought they looked smaller than they’re already are. Sigh! There also wasnt any change in eye shadow colours for every outfit as promised by Capio.

It seemed to me that I’m the one who can flatter my slit eyes the most till the largest they can look under artificial products. I will be interested to try Dilly, I heard she’s very good in eye makeup and enlarging them. But too bad, she’s not available for booking through my bridal unless I hire her with top up of cash myself which is pretty costly.

All in all, it was a super tiring experience. Breakfast at 9am, makeup at 10am, photoshoot ended at 7+pm. We simply munched some bread in the car for our lunch only. It wasnt anything that we enjoyed but rather something which we wanna get it over with. It would be so much better if I have go according to my initial plan to split into 2 days of shooting. Because by evening, dearie was so tired that he cant stand still nor even make out a smile.

I feel I’m just so suay lah. I postponed my initial first AFP exam because it clashed with my ROM date. And when the next intake came, it clashed with my photoshoot date(have to arrange with photographer/make-up-artist). That’s why I postponed my photoshoot, partly being I also gained weight lah. And Miki is only free for 2 days in April, 16th and 17th, but dearie cant make it on 17th. Arrghh so we squeezed everything on April 16th, which coincidentally falls on my AV day. Despite being on Yasmin to stop the cramps as well as to delay the cycle, I was feeling bloated all along and my outdoor gown actually felt so tight. It almost cant be zipped up!

Just so so suay~

Haiz. Okie There were also some wonderful stuffs. Like, I feel my gowns are gorgeous! Every single 1 of them.

We’re pretty lucky to catch some blue skies and fluffy white clouds at the time of 5+pm at some greenery slopes near Hort Park. At least if we didnt look our best, the scenery will be great. It wasnt a very hot day even though the sunlight is good. Ah ting kept saying we’re lucky.

We then went Blair road for some old shophouses shoot. We tried to take pictures at the railway track but was chased out by the stupid bangalas. I heard last time was allowed leh. Finally we went Fullerton and boat quay area for the standard evening shots. The views were stunning but it was very very crowded with people. I think there was a bigwalk event by JpMorgan. Some of them plainly bo chup and ran through us even though we were taking pictures while some were nice enough to wait or round Ah Ting. For the former, I feel they’re terribly rude and inconsiderate. But for the latter, I feel they’re so uber sweet and nice like angels. And I always “salute” with an apology and mouthed my thanks to them. Some are very nice people who congratulates and compliments us. Singaporeans are not that bad after all.

We saw another couple nearby too but it seemed they missed the most enchanting hour for the shots. By the time they took, the sky was pitch black and Ah Ting said the shots will not be as nice as with the dark blue skies.

So all in all, I did not habour much hope for real outstanding pictures. We saw some on the camera..and we’re werent impressed by the special angles Ah Ting took. I mean, we appreciate her hard work…but after we got home, we realised we mostly had same poses but with different angles of our faces and line of sights. It’s like, our posture stayed the same, but our face will be requested to turn left, right, up, down, coupled with different line of head up but look down etc.

We were too busy adhering to her commands that we’re like stiff puppets. It will be good if she simply suggests poses and we do so naturally, with minor adjustment for her angles etc. You know like a good director in a movie will direct you how to act, draw your emotions and feelings and slowly LEAD you to discover your potential by acting naturally. But instead…she’s pretty emphatic about commanding everything from top to bottom, till we almost forgotten that actually we did have the freedom to pose something we would like and probably will do better on something which was not instructed so stiffly. And with time, our “follower” mode were simply stucked.

What she did so wrong was that, she directed poses with specific angles and twists, and not with feelings. Instead of saying, tilt your chin higher, how much higher etc, she should say something like, “look at your husband with awe and adoration”, then naturally I will tilt my chin in such an angle she described with the right emotions in my eyes. I mean we werent professionals lah, so we pretty much go with the flow of emotions and picture descriptions. It will be so much better if she is better at leading our emotions, imaginations, and thus our expressions, e.g, “look far away and focus your sight on something and pretend that you saw something fascinating instead of “Look at your eye level or look far away”. Get what I mean?

Though I believe she really wants the best for us as she’s partly commissioned-based. As in the more pictures we add, the more commission she made. I just hope pictures really turn out nice…..or very disappointing.

She did mentioned about putting emphasis on our expressions as minor edits can be done with photoshop, but not on facial expressions. Anyway, I think our different poses will be very limited..and I doubt we will add many pictures too. Good then, we can save more money since married couples around us advised against spending too much on albums which will ultimately end up collecting dust in wardrobes.

I’m just consoling myself lah actually. =(


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