Out of a sudden, I was feeling lethargic and hopeless when I cant seem to find any fitting shoes lately. I haven buy any shoes for the past..like 2 months? Anyway it feels very long. And my fingers just wandered to Google and I had a search on “size 3 shoes”. I was hoping to find, for god’s sake, any online foreign stores which carry tiny sizes.

I was truly ecstatic to find not 1, but few sites yelling that they’re proud to carry stylishly-designed petite shoes ranging from size 1 to 3. I almost fainted when I saw their supposedly “stylish” designs. Clearly, our fashion sense did not hit even a single similar note. Some slightly decent, normal ones(not even close to “nice” okie) are priced sky-rocket high at 80pounds. Over $200 for a pair of non-branded shoes. They must be crazy.

ANYWAY, while I’m there, I also browse their size chart which shows the different sizing for different makes of shoes so that in case I’m interested in any shoes of other sites, I know which size to look out for. There are Europe, U.K, Korea, Japan sizing etc.

I promptly measured my feet before I started to locate my sizing accordingly on the big-ass chart.

8 inches. Around 20cm.



Where the hell is my size????


And when I cruised upon http://www.onlineconversion.com/clothing_shoes_womens.htm, again, I failed to locate “8 inch”. The minimum in the online conversion table was 9 inch, 22.8cm.

But GOD did not forsake me. I finally found my shoe size! Oh my god, this feels like machiam I just found my own heritage like that! Damn kuku~

At http://www.piccoloshoes.co.uk/index.php?_a=viewDoc&docId=6,


Surprise! I wasnt really the size 3 I always thought I was. That explains why there’s always some allowance with the size 3 slip-on heels which I bought AND why I can NEVER fit into size 3 pumps and covered shoes BECAUSE I AINT A SIZE 3 AT ALL!!!!

I’m a disgusting size 2.5!!! Can you imagine that??? If only some magical thing can be done like how I can sell this pair of dainty feet away at e.g, 3 million pounds and then exchange for a set at no pain of more conventional sizing, like 5 or 6.

Yeah dream on. Why I’m so like that? Some people got bad hair can go rebonding. Some people got wrinkles can go inject botox. Some people fat can do liposuction. I just cant do anything with my height and tiny feet(no recognized medical advancement has declared yet). They’re my 2 biggest handicaps, while I still can live with my bad hair and complexion.

Life is so unfair.

If you think I’m overreacting, okie, maybe abit, but really, 很难买鞋leh. I almost went crazy when I tried to find my wedding shoes. And now I cant find anything suitable for my evening gown and cheongsum because too few choices.

And guess what, I’m now searching online for any kid’s gloves lors, satin white ones to match my wedding gown. Because my fingers are probably too short and palm too small to fit into adult’s gloves AND DONT LAUGH LAH!!

Though dearie was probably overjoyed that I have small feet. Else I will probably fill up the whole house and not the shoe cabinet alone, with shoes.

Maybe GOD knows that. That’s why he deliberately gives me tiny feet.

“So that you cant buy so many shoes”

I can almost imagine him guffawing away.



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