Alamak! Didnt I save the last entry as draft? Did the stupid wordpress f*cked up again or did I really forgotten to save?
Nahz! Forget it. Anyway, it’s good to have a up-to-date post I think since I seemed to have something to add.

My aircon is spoilt! Damm…And I’m the kind who cant live without aircon, especially when my room is so suffocating. The earliest appointment possible is Monday for a checkup of the aircon. I think I will just DIE. The CSO remarked that she guessed there might be a “leak of gas”. I think I heard that phrase before just before the demise of the last model. Anyway, the earliest appointment for that gas leak test is tuesday and it’s going to cost me $220. Sianz. Everytime got extra income(bonus) come in, I’m bound to have extra outflow.

1 fan is not enough. Yesterday, I pulled mummy and Wei to the new NTUC Extra at Jurong Point to buy 1 more extra power fan. The kind with metal blades. Shiok! They were amazed with the gigantic, reformed Jurong Point, obviously had not been there for long. Too bad we didnt have much time to shop around after our slow dinner. I kinda like my fan though. It’s small and cute, and powerful. What’s more, in a cute shade of pink bronze. Lol. Oh best of all, it only costs $28+.

Many movies lately. Just cant seem to catch “Unborn” due to incompatible time slots.

Movie Title: Shinjuku Incident
Ratings: 4/5
Comments: Truly, Jackie’s films always have a minimum standard. He did aged alot, thus, in this show, he hardly fights. His role is one who cant really fight anyway. Though as usual, he’s the righteous, loyal hero who will protect his mates at all means. Daniel’s throwing away his “pretty boy” image I guess because he’s anything but “pretty” in the show. I would say Jackie and he really acted well together. The show depicts how the Chinese survived under intense pressure from the Japanese in Japan who treated them like dirt and how they rise to power by risking their life and guts by doing what the triads do.

Movie Title: Knowing
Ratings: 4/5
Comments: Nicholas Cage’s shows always have…unusual plots. After “Next”, this is another “supernatural” show. Erm well…I do believe in supernatural powers but I really cant accept the ending very well. Hmm..the show was kinda hinting us Earthlings that our home might crash in the near future when we had taken it for granted and exploiting all it’s goodness for all this while, and that the only way to survive the doom of the Earth is to escape to other planet. I.e, the ending, whereby aliens came to fetch the survivors away. Kinda crap huh. The show was intense though.

Movie title: The Sniper
Ratings: 4.3/5
Comments: I actually made up my mind not to see the crazy sex-starved maniac on the big screen but I changed my mind after the thriller. It looks not bad and it really is. I always like Richie, but his acting is still pretty green in this show. Instead, Edison has an improvement. The whole plot is refreshing, the thing with snipers and sniper rifles and more so, the ego struggle and sniping competition between the top shooters.

Kinda reminded me how I used to play CS. But anyway my sniping sucks lah…I’m better with short distances. Haha.

That’s all for now~

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