Plush Chill

Do you hate the new Jacky Wu show? I’m hating it because of the new female host. The one who is as skinny as a stick, and a voice as sharp and unbearable like a duckling’s. And she sounded as if she THOUGHT she sounded damn sweet and cute like that. In fact, her voice is so loud and sharp that sometimes I can only hear her voice despite all the hosts talking. Buay tahan! I really cant take it. Now, I skip the whole show just because I dont wish to hear her ducky voice!

Yesterday was a very fun-filled night chilling out with Iv, Ce and Jovi at Plush Bar, Boat Quay. I love ktv pubs as it’s like the only occassion when I can sing minimally at no extra costs. Nowadays I feel a full ktv session is too heavy for me already unless it’s a group of 4 and above. Throat will be sore. And that’s why yesterday, even my own voice sounded foreign to me. Mahciam want break cant break like that. Aiyo…gross.

It’s always difficult to jio Jy and Kel spontaneously as they are mummies. But I got no choice because usually weekdays I might be meeting my clients and I cant confirm till the day/night itself. However, my weekends are fine. =)

It’s my first time meeting Jovi and I feel at first impression, she’s sort of different from Iv’s usual gang, the usual GS gang. Haha. She’s unpretentious, cherubic, lively and sociable and we hit it off well. God knows I’m not the most sociable person on earth. =P

When she tried to vie the food bill with me, I positively adored her. What an attitude. Because I really cant remember if there’s any female who tried to vie a bill with me before. Lol. Although some did pay me back the share la. For food bills I will always pay the full amount because I’m the one who proposed to order, anyway since the amount is not big. It’s usually a $10 or $20 for a plate of chicken wings or sotong balls and I wont ask for money. Neither will I be offered a return most of the time, but I dont mind. Who asked me to be such a glutton? =P

This chic, tried to vie for the bill(but I still got it in the end. Haha) and ate absolutely nothing at all. Silly girl. She also usurped the drinks bill and refused to accept anything, instead mumbled a “next time lah next time lah” and “otherwise you pay cab fare loh”. As she and Ce resides in Jurong while I in CCK, we 3 shared a cab. I knew very well the cab fare wont escalate to an amount befitting the drinks bill(which is $23 per pax)..the cab bill wont amount to $69 one mah. So I tossed the bills all into her bag much to her exasperation. Haha.

Oh but I have yet to return them the cab bill as I dropped off first. Planned to internet-bank them but ultimately decided to pass them on next friday itself, which was the clubber’s chalet as it’s less troublesome. Haiz. The 3 of them were pyschoing me nonnnnn-stoppp to go, adding the fact that I haven seen some of the gang for a long time, especially Ch. And I guessed it’s also difficult to meet T for now already since she got attached. Totally is never reply sms or calls one lah. Idiot. Ch also just sms me that she might not go to the chalet afterall. Hmm..I have to think twice liao then. Most of them will be playing drinking games ferociously which I’m unable to take it. =P I will be shunning the drinks with a 10-foot pole. No thanks~ My liver needs a rest.

I’m definitely appreciating the BBQ food though…being craving for BBQ for a long time…nobody organize…=( But Ch said if we pay $25 when we’re only staying awhile to eat some food, might as well we meet elsewhere to eat other stuff. Hmm makes sense leh. Dearie will be having a dinner that same night and probably I will let him fetch me home when he’s done..probably around 11pm bah. That’s why I said I wont stay very late.

Well see how then…if only the gang are more “normal” I wont be so scared to join them. You dont know how the whole chalet was filled with pukes from different people all over the place during the last chalet…scaryyyy…Moreover, the day before I will having my 10hours photoshoot. If I’m deadbeat, I most probably cant make it. *fingers crossed*


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