Die already

There is a 99% chance that I will fail my exam. Sigh. Not trying to find excuses but I really feel I’m damn suay. All those which I’ve studied according to tutor’s tips and my hunch didnt came out in the exam at all. BUT all those which I skipped, came out like nobody’s business.

Usually it should be 50% of calculations, but this time round, around 30% only and all were very tough. I was mentally cursing and swearing at the world-class a**hole who set the paper. Because whoever set the paper was trying to be difficult. Why? Because not only the “usuals” are not tested, all the weird weird unimportant stuff came out. You might have guessed I kinda skipped those. The phonebook-thick notes are no joke.

It doesnt make sense. The setter damn well knows people who took this exam are mainly from the financial industry or insurance business. I just cant get it there was NOT EVEN 1 question regarding about insurance. And only around 5 questions out of the 95 are about FV and PV(future and present values) of bonds or needs analysis which should be of core important in finance and insurance. Instead, questions about partnerships la, joint-tenancy agreements, bankruptcy came out. WHO THE HELL CARES ABOUT BANKRUPTCY???

I’m still alittle pissed while speaking of it. Hng! I’m bad enough with the dry theory already, I was pinning my hopes on the calculations questions. And because this particular turtle is trying to be special huh, by setting a paper unlike the previous years, there goes my chance of getting a pass.

The only minor consolation I had was, when I came out of the exam hall, I saw nobody smiling. I saw my classmates and we started to complain on how tough the paper was. Thank god I’m not the only one.

Actually I’m quite calm after the exam already, just abit sian. Just that speaking of it makes me annoyed. I’m not the kind who cries over split milk. Dont wish to think too much for 2 months till results come. I think I deserve my rest in any case.

Dearie was so sweet to drive me for the exam and accompanied me for breakfast before he brought client for medical examination. He then loittered for 2 hours till my exam ended to meet me.

I’m really cham lah. I also suffered coldsore while studying, perhaps of the stress. Despite so, we shopped awhile at TB Plaza since it’s so near my exam venue. And PEPPERPLUS got a sale! Mostly going at $20 and $30. My pupils must have enlarged dramatically as I felt the designs were really not bad! Hard to find decent stuff in Sg already. Hence I grabbed a handful of them and dashed into the changing room. Didnt want dearie to wait so long. My loots were 3 skirts, 2 dresses and 1 top, totalling $130–> Another membership card earned. Dearie paid them for me as gifts, hoping to cheer me up. Aint that sweet? =)

So anyone who wants PEPPERPLUS clothes can jio me liao, additional 15% off.

We then caught a movie but I was really tired midway and I kinda dozed off awhile, not that the movie’s fantastic anyway. =P I seldom like this okie, but I really didnt sleep much the previous night.

Movie title: 12 rounds
Rating: 2.5/5
Comments: I really dont find it thrilling at all, despite their efforts. I dont know whether should I blame the cast or the one in charge of effects. Dearie also agreed with me. Perhaps it’s both.

I’m supposed to bath Vickki today but I guessed I have to do it tomorrow already. Because I spent 2 days to clear my wardrobe. They’re bursting, or rather, had already burst. =P Had to dump some away which are in perfect condition but which had lost my favor. Haha. Today went Capio there to fit my gowns too. They are gorgeous. Love them. =D Spent 2+ hours for the fitting and choosing of gowns, as well as some discussion.

On the other hand, dearie lamented why his fitting took less than 5 minutes. Lol. Deadbeat. Walked around IMM for dearie’s shirts for the photoshoot but didnt get to see nice ones. Perhaps have to visit Raoul again. I hate to buy their overpriced stuff but it seems they’re the only shop which sells more stylish and classy stuff. G2000 is oh-so-contemporary-and-boring.

Tomorrow still got morning meeting and I got to accompany Mummy to Starhaven to do creative eyebrow embroidery too cum my IPL treatments.

Oh boyyyyyyyy………..I’m dying of fatigue!


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