Polynia & Shills Review

Time for a breather. I realised my mind gets stagnant after prolonged periods of studying. It’s more jeopardizing than efficient as I seemed to complicate every single question, thus affecting my judgment. Questions which made me pulled my hair yesterday could be solved easily today. But frankly speaking, I still wasnt fully prepared. There were simply too much to memorize and all oh-so-dry.

I’m pretty bored today, thus was very enthu on doing some boliao beauty regime thingy. While dying my hair light brown, I had on facial mask too to save time. I would have Crest White Strips on if I wasn’t too lazy. Haha. I took part in the Shills Spree back then and now here are my reviews.

Polynia Sakura Wine Pitera Mask – $24

“Works just like SKII, but WAYYYY cheaper than SKII! This mask whitens, exfoliates, stimulates blood circulation for face, minimizes pores, cleanses skin and so much more! Multi-purpose mask for a fraction of the price!”

As the name suggests, it’s selling point is that it contains Pitera, the same ingredient which SK-II uses.
Hmmm…I dont think it exfoliates at all though. However, it’s a very good mask in my opinion, for that price($24) and for that amount(200ml). Real big tub. It doesnt look very welcoming in it’s off-white, rough-looking paste form though it has a very nice rum smell. I supposed I find it appealing because I’m an alcoholic and a fan of rum-and-raisin icecream. Lol. The smell rather got me craving for Swensen icecream.

Okie coming to the effects of it. After washing off, I felt skin is smoother and softer than any other mask I’ve used especially when paper masks provides hydration and moisturization mostly. Most important, my humongous pores actually looked much smaller. I hope it stayed that way though.

For someone with sensitive skin like me, it’s a good choice to try (and to continue using) this product since it’s a fraction of SK-II’s prices. Despite SK-II’s raves, I’ve heard people being sensitive to their “miracle lotion” and had breakouts. So all in all, I’m very pleased with Polynia Sakura Wine Pitera Mask.

Next up.

Shills Black Intensive Whitening Mud Mask (100ml) – $13

“This mud mask removes impurites from face thus, preents pimples from popping up as a result of clogged pores. With ingredients gathered from volcanic sites, this mask helps to whiten and moisturize your skin as well. Not only that, it lightens freckles and pigmentation and evens out your skin tone!”

Ingredients include: Volcano lava extract, Arbutin, Calmosenine, lavender essence, almond essence, mint and natural hydrating ingredients.

This mask is not bad though effects were not as outstanding as Polynia Pitera Mask. Haven got to see the effects as yet, I’ll update soon.

I bought the Shills Pong Pong Fen too but haven try. No events to “plump” up my hair as yet. But I need to learn I think. It will be amazing if you know how to use it. Just watch the video below.

Shills Pong Pong Fen in 女人我最大.

TheFaceShop is having APRIL promo. Purchases of $60 and above entitles to free gifts of 2 Vita Masks and 2 sample size products of Flebeaute series. Purchases of $120 and above entitles to the same Flebeaute samples and Brightening Rice Water Cleanser.

Im still diligently using the Su Hyang Snow series but I’m thinking of getting a cheaper alternative. The tiny bottles of serum and essence of $50+ each simply finishes too fast for my pockets. It’s like an additional recurrent $50 expense every month manz. After trying Su Hyang Snow Series, I’m a believer of nano-gold technology. Recently there was a spree on D’essential Nano Gold series from Germany too but I gave it a miss since I cant find their reviews anywhere. But their pricing are friendlier than TheFaceShop lah.

Anyway, some sites and SASA are selling products(like Shills etc, cant think of any at the moment) at killer prices, so do be careful of these arbitrageurs! It’s generally so much cheaper to spree selectively.

Finally got to see M’s darling baby, Ridant(hope it’s spelt this way…pronounced as Rai-dant). Told E, it reminds me of both “rider” and “rodent”. She laughed out loud at the later. Here’s pictures of the adorable sweetheart.

Ohhhh Ridant the Aquarian! Just 1 day short of being a Piscean. Hee.

Lovely mummy M. She refused to take front view as she’s without make-up. Haha.

Hmm…what’s that tiny fist doing there? Looked like the stance of 古代美女. Haha!

Jialat…every gesture becoming more and more feminine.

Aiyoooo…..performing opera? Must tell M to be careful with her boy liao…his gestures were becoming more and more sissy. Lol.

The group of us had so much fun chatting. After that, we also adjourned to Bt Panjang Plaza for dinner and chilling. I also bumped into the newly wedded radiant MS with her hubby. It has been centuries since I last saw her in person, I almost cant recognise her! But she recognised me and called me first. The Tay sisters are all really beautiful. Guessed it’s all in the genes. So envy. =)

Here’s my Vickki.

People always say dogs will become more tamed after sterilization. Like real they did. She is still a terror as ever. Just became more clingy to me that is. She hardly sleeps in her tent anymore and chooses to sleep outside my room on her cushion or else on her pillow in my room.

LP is celebrating her girl, Kelp’s birthday at Changi Chalet in around a week’s time. Ce and Iv also had their clubbers chalet at downtown east chalet at around mid april. I longed to go for both but……….to tell you the truth,


I’m not feeling rich to go 2-way by cab and I will want at least 1 way by private transport to inspire me to go. The last time I went Ce’s chalet as because dearie was free to send me there when we’re in town. If we’re home, I also wouldnt want him to specially send me there.

I’m just so lazy. I think I will ask LP out for a dinner with Rain one day to pass her gift for her girlgirl. I’m really lazy to go so far, haven got to ask whether Rain’s going or not too.

Time to hit the books again.

Last minute liao…chiong ahhhh~

4 Responses to Polynia & Shills Review

  1. The style of writing is quite familiar . Did you write guest posts for other blogs?

  2. Cindy says:

    Hi chilli padi!This is my first time reading your blog.haha Thanks for taking time to write this review on the Polynia Sakura Wine Pitera Mask. Really appreciate it as i’ve been considering whether to buy it anot.>.<

    Anyway, is the effect long lasting? or the effect jus last for a few days only? l0l

    P.S: Your baby is so kawaii!!

    • Chilli Padi says:

      Hello! Thanks for dropping by!
      Hmm I would say the effect is pretty long lasting provided
      that you follow up with daily skincare regime! Cant be lazy at all. =(
      And it’s good to use 1-2 times per week. =)

      P.S She’s a terror, dont be deceived by her looks. Haha.

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