Great Day

I’m loving the song “Supermassive Blackhole” by Muse right now. In case you dont know, it’s the song played during “Twilight” the movie’s baseball game. You can download it at =) Despite it being sang in a very…kinda sissy way by the guys…lol…it’s a very sexy and cool song. Everytime I hear it, I will feel like dancing. =P Will put it as my ringtone. The youtube mtv looks kind gross to me though.

I had planned to buy “Twilight” soundtrack via but realised not all tracks are nice, after I sound them out. But they’re all very unique in their way…tranquil…mysterious…”spacey” kinda feel. Other than the above track, the only other which I like more is Iron & Wine “Flightless Bird, America Mouth.. It’s the song played towards the end when Edward and Bella danced at the Prom. A very sweet and romantic song.

It had been a real hot day. I had enough cooping up in the house. Hence I dragged dearie out to Yewtew Sports complex where we dipped in the all the different pools. We mostly stayed in the wave pool as the huge waves were so shiok! Dearie and I remarked the waves here were even bigger than Sentosa’s one. Shiok!

It has been a long time since we went…to pool. Lol. I cant say “swimming” as we didnt swim at all. Haha. Super nua lah. But it was very very fun. It calls to mind, things you do once in a bluemoon can be very fun, and food which you eat once in a bluemoon can be very appetizing too. =) So start to think of activities you haven do or food you haven eat in a long while. It will be a wonderful experience.

Dearie and I are going to try cycling soon. But everytime I got to drag him go. However each time I dragged him to do a particular activity(previously badminton, now “swimming” in pools), we had so much fun and laughter. =D Sometimes he can be the death of me though. While I so-called swam halfway, my head surfaced from the water with my hair streaming down my face. He said out loud, “aiyo why suddenly got seaweed here in the pool?” Tmd.

Am loving my new Yewtee Central, the newly renovated one. More shops were completed and now, on top of Watson, FourLeaves, SubWay, QBhouse, Beauty-Language, LongJohnSilver, Old Chang Kee, KFC, some spectacle and computer shops, we have

1) Xin Wang HK Cafe
2) KFC
3) E.A.T (another branch at Rail Mall)
4) Some roti-prata shop. (Yet to try, hope it’s good)
5) Japanese Home store
6) Fu Hua Ginseng Birdnest Store (great, I’m a member)
7) Koufu foodcourt
8) London Weight Management(I need their services already)
9) Young Hearts lingerie

Speaking of which, 9) are having promos. One offer is 3 bras set free 1 set and the other promo is $20 voucher given for purchases over $40.

And my loots. Per set is $29.90 and I got the 1st promo. =P I cant help it. They’re so adorable. And it’s a long time since I bought lingerie. Oh by the way I asked dearie’s permission before I post them. Though I have never thought it’s a big deal to post lingerie on blogs…not as if I’m IN them. =P There’re going to be tons of pictures because I love the details!

1st piece


2nd piece


3rd piece


4th piece





Also bought L’oreal Smooth Intense Shampoo from Beauty-language. They’re selling shampoos and shower foams at dirt prices. The one I bought is only $6+, even cheaper than Watson. They do sell other more sophisticated products like RedKen, Kerastase and some foreign brands etc. Oh they also have Castledew cosmetic and their BB creams. But the shade is alittle too dark for me. Ir gave me a sample before. =) Yet to try their cosmetics though. Too many people crowding there.

When I have the time, I may cruise there more often instead of my favourite Watson for hair/body products especially since they carry (so-called) better quality brands and cheaper. There’s L’oreal’s leave-in-conditioner and wash-off-conditioner for as low as $3.90. It’s the yellow colour range, for damaged hair(me lor). They smells like mango, love it. But wait till I finished my “SexyGirl” leave-in essence first.

Ok off to hit the books again. So no checking of entry. Pardon for mistakes.


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