Good heavens! I’ve gained so much weight! How much? Dont have exact number since I dont have a weighing machine but I’m so sure I’ve gained inches for my waist. And it’s not 1 inch only, I’m sure of that! My pants felt extremely tight. Just kill me!

I’m supposed to go for fitting later in the afternoon but I just know I cant make it! Hence I have to postpone for like 2 weeks, till I get back in shape. And that means postponing my photoshoot too. And damn the popular makeup artist, she’s only available for 2 days, 16th and 17th in the whole of April. And dearie isnt available on 17th as he has a dinner. Oh well, we have to do our photoshoot in 1 day afterall. I can quit having to procrastinate about it. Sometimes having too many options might not be a good thing, since I’m getting more and more indecisive as I aged.

Really worried if I can shed off the excess fats within the limited time. I cant take too long else there wont be enough production time for the album. Arrghhh.

Out of boredom, I have bought Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. I’ve read about the book’s reviews online and they’re so extreme. They made me hesitate about buying the book. Dont ask me to find it in a library. I cant NEVER find ANYTHING in ANYWHERE. I’m just bad with finding things no matter where, like how Bella is clumsy with walking the straightest path. Since Popular Bookstore is having a 20% off, I just grabbed it to read while waiting for dearie to off work.

So far halfway into the book. It is OKAY lah….I had to keep on clinging to the fantasy of the 2 gorgeous to keep my interest up. Not that it’s boring..but..it wasnt fantastically interesting nor intriguing too. It’s a disappointment that it’s written in the 1st person. Felt abit weird at first but gotten the hang of it.

Full reviews later, after I finished the book~

Now please excuse me while I starve myself for 3 days.

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