Jumbled thoughts

My cramps came back again. Sigh. As bad as ever. Do I really have to take Yasmin for the rest of my life? Just so I wont have intense pains every month? Sigh. Yeah I know some are treating them like holy water for good skin and dutifully popped them everyday. But ultimately, pills are still not good for health mah especially when in nature, they are contraceptives.

Even though the doctor said long term they can reduce the risk of some cancers, I dont really believe it. If anything can reduce the risk of getting cancer, I will give more credit if it comes in something natural, like a vegetable or fruit or something, not in a compressed, chemical-processed pill you see. But I guess I just have to consume it after my AV ended because I think at least contraceptives beats popping panadols every month and the pain still wont go away.


For how long I wonder……the cramps stopped for a month after I consumed for 2 months. So…I guess I need to consume them in that order, take 2 months, stop 1 month and continue. And hopefully through time I can reduce the dosage and not get the pain back. I have to stop when I need to conceive then..and HOPEFULLY after all those contraceptives, I still can 生.


I’m loving my new Yewtee central or whatever it’s called. It’s a whole new series of shops built below the condo just beside the MRT, on top of our existing Yewtee central with the kopitiams, Mac, clinics, shops etc. I wonder will the residents get irritated of the huge crowd who cruise by everyday every hour. Especially when some annoying kids love to scream at the top of their lungs for god-knows-what. It’s fully air-conditioned.

Now we have WATSON, my personal favourite store, which dearie laments that I can spend hours inside…”what’s so bad about that?” I purred.

“Count yourself lucky that your wife dont spend hours inside LV or GUCCI boutiques choosing which bag to buy instead like what some ladies do OK~”

We also have FourLeaves, SubWay, QBhouse, BeautyLanguage, LongJohnSilver and some more others which I’m not familiar with or not yet opened. And I simply love the new NTUC. Not only it’s bigger, it closes later at 11pm. Great, when last minute shopping can be done as late as 10.30pm since it’s 5minutes walking distance from my house.

There were a few revamps back then at the MRT too. Like, they built Guardian and Nail Palace for pedicures and manicures. Hmm…….I think after all these changes, we wont go Lot 1 that often already. Though there are still room for improvements. Like..I would very much like to have…

1) Ajisen
2) Sakae Sushi
3) Mayim Chinese restaurant
4) Lai Lai Chinese restaurant
5) Xin Wang HK cafe
6) Thai Express
7) Fish & Co
8) HeatWave(shoes)
9) Charles & Keith
10) Starhaven(the one I’m doing IPL treatments)
11) Hollywood secrets (for my eyebrow plucking)
12) Pet Lovers Central (for Vickki’s food)
13) Cathay for movies
14) How can I forget…………..OF COURSE I HOPE THEY OPEN A GREAT EASTERN RIGHT HERE LAH. So I dont have to go all the way to Raffles Place just to submit some documents.


Dream on! I know. 😛

That’s all for now. By the way, if you’re wondering why no clothings stores? That’s because I feel SG clothings nowadays suck big time! They’re of such lousy quality and CMI designs. No matter how cheap I also wont buy lor. Usually I love M)phosis designs but I really had enough of their identical batwing styles coupled with different details and colours.

How I wish to tell the designer, “YOU NOT SIAN AH OF THE SAME DUPLICATE DESIGNS??”

For example, one particular batwing top will be 100% satin while another idential batwing top will be cotton but with a bottom band(like 2inches) in satin.

Or one particular batwing top will be in sheer chiffon paired with a satin bottom band while another will be entirely cotton paired with a satin bottom band.

Or else one will have 1 hole cut out of the LEFT sleeve while another one with have holes cut out from BOTH sleeves.

Following that, other designs include the same batwing top, with 1) hole cut out from the chest, 2) holes cut out from the back, 3) holes cut out from FRONT and BACK

Or else, it will be the location of the pockets. Like for one, the pockets will be at the side, while the other one, the pockets will be in front.

And the GENIUS designer simply alternates the same batwing-styled top with 1) different fabrics, 2) different colours, 3) different positions of holes cut out and 4) different minor details, e.g, can tie ribbon here, got gathers there, got pockets here.

What amazed me is his or hers..ingenuity, in coming up with all these and still dare to sell them! I almost cant believe when I saw 1 signature batwing-style cotton top with 2 front pockets(entirely in the same cotton) and then I saw another similar cotton top with SATIN pockets.

If the pockets are at the SAME LOCATION, then they will change the FABRIC. If the fabric is the same, they will change the location of the HOLES OR POCKETS. You see, they’re not very alike but almost like 90% alike.

But from far, ALL of them looks the SAME lor.

The designs got recycled again and again. I will be ashamed if I’m the designer.

I so wish WY can officially design her own clothings soon so that they will be on sale in the market. Why, her newly designed Grecian outfit looks totally angelic, serenely tranquil but yet deliciously sexy at the same time. Love it to bits! Too bad I haven got her permission to post it here. I will definitely be her loyal supporter, provided that I can afford to buy her specially designed clothes. 🙂

You go girl! I believe you will make it. Waiting for that day to come!


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