Wedding Cartoon animations

Just finished viewing Huey’s tons of pictures of her wedding on Facebook. Ahh…so heart-warming! =) To tell the truth, initially I was abit worried about her not getting attached for a long time. But she being a virgo, I know she’s the kind who wont get attached for the sake of being attached, and also wont settle for anything less. True enough, her 1st boyfriend is her hubby, who has proved to be an excellent investment!! Lol.

In a nutshell, I always feel whenever we accept a guy, we ladies are “investing” our feelings with them, hoping to get a “return” of feelings and not just a whole chunk of sweet nothings. Sometimes we gain(we dump people), sometimes we make a loss(people dump us), sometimes we break even(mutual breakup). So if both happily together and never break up leh?? —> Financial Independence/Freedom.

Muahahaha. Just kidding lah. Sorry too much studying about finance got into me. Of course I dont mean by dumping people means we “gain”. You must understand sometimes the “dumper” dont feel good too. Because ultimately we did invest our feelings into it. =( So no matter who proposed a breakup, all parties suffered a loss. A loss of chance, a chance to happiness. A loss of feelings, the feelings of everlasting love. A loss of responsibility and status, of a girlfriend. And lastly, a lost of a promise. A promise which was meant to last.

Anyway back to the main point. Huey married her first boyfriend. How cool is that? I mean, she dont need to trial and error la or go through heartbreaks just so to wait for the right one to come along. While some of us are kissing so many frogs until our prince comes along, she took the shortcut! I’m really happy for her. And the next wish I have for her is that her marriage stays blissful and sweet forever, of course.

She looked absolutely beautiful and sweet in the pictures and on the actual big day too. The gatecrashing video express highlights was also nicely done by her friend. Excellent. But the photographer has much to improve. Few pictures were blurry and well, angles arent perfect. Despite so, Huey still look very pretty!! Well, pretty girls will always look pretty in all angles. Unlike me. Sigh. I also know I’m a fussy nut to crack to begin with. That’s why we signed up with a professional photographer, Albert, at Everafter Pictures.

The price slashed my heart alittle. To me, 2K is considered very expensive lor. Photography is something which I dont know how to appreciate very well. If not for that repeated-millions-of-times slogan, “it’s a once in a lifetime thing”, I wont spend that kind of money manz. And somehow, we, or rather ME was kinda tired sourcing for good photographers, so at our 2nd last stop(the last stop was OneEyeClick actually), we gave in. Too tired to go on searching and comparing already.

Even so, I checked out in forums and also did a rough market survey on the majority of wedding couples’ willingness to splurge on actual day wedding photography. And majority who voted were around the range of 1K to 3K. Some commented it’s ridiculous to spend so much money on photography as it’s basically snapping of pictures while some commented since it’s a once in a lifetime thing, should engage the best you can get. Because it’s good to capture your happy memories in style and a bad photographer will spoil everything.

I think both have their points lah…I’m in between the 2….so I’m also in between their budgets. Lol.

Anyway, the poll might not be an accurate one. I only know dearie’s buddy J engaged the same photographer Albert. Kel’s photography is $1000 I think(if I didnt remember wrongly), from her bridal studio “Sophia Collection”. But she had spent money on hiring a couple to sing live love duets(a lovely touch) as well as making the customized cartoon animation video of their love story.

I didnt ask how much she spent but it’s confirm not cheap. The cartoon animation is cute and very in now, but too bad the cheapest I’ve searched online is $688. Wah lau, need or not? A 3-5mins of cartoon animation need $688? Super exaggerating. Watch it 10 times also 30-50minutes only…for $688 we can watch 49 movies manz. There are also other sites doing it at $800-$1200.
Crazy. Simply crazy. Anyway, since I’ve did some research, might as well state it down here to share with you.

Coffee & Tea – From $1200 onwards

Stefine – $1200

MeowStudio – From $900

WowMedia – $800

Blackcurrantworkz – $688

Qing Dynasty – From $600 onwards

MyWeddingCartoon – From $599 onwards

Ecoworz – From $499 onwards

Boxmagic – $300-$500

I seriously feel they are all overpriced based on their quality.

I’m still thinking of alternatives. But might need to take more time and trouble. Hmm……..I’ll probably wont share my alternative until I can be sure it works. =)

So stay tuned~

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