Junky Post

My sat was so burnt. Lessons from 9am-6pm. 100% saturated, hardcore financial lessons which caught me breathless. Thank god the trainer had substance. His way of teaching is unlike any other tom, dick and harry.

Instead of the countless powerpoint slides and instructing the students to memorize financial formulas, he actually did lots of mind-mapping, graphs, pictures and “story-telling” which makes the context so much easier to understand. Before today’s lesson, I dont have much confidence to pass the exam. After today, it certainly motivates me alot and makes the remaining 10 chapters look much appealing and approachable!

The thicker-than-phonebook notes are no joke okie!

This 2 and a half days course was somehow arranged and emailed to me(and cc to many GE planners too) for participation by a planner in GE. But somehow, after paying $268(ouch) for the course, I SAW NOBODY from GE today at 9am. Although I dont know them and dont expect to really sit together with them, it was a tad ridiculous that the person who has enthusiastically encouraged me to take up the course at a premium via the email personally, DID NOT EVEN GO HERSELF after assuring me 6 of them has taken up. What the fiak?

Anyway, thank god I feel the course is definitely worth it. Although it burns my 3 Saturdays consecutively and indirectly, my Fridays since I got to wake up at a ungodly hour of 7+am the following mornings. Though thinking back, like quite a tad expensive huh. It’s like approximately $107 for a day’s lesson. Ah, the trainer’s name is Daniel, heard he’s pretty popular around. And he’s confident and proud of that, in a comical manner. But nobody finds him arrogant at all, for he really has SUBSTANCE and also quite funny. Really, he makes everything so easy to understand and to remember. By the way, I feel he looks like my FIL. HAHA!

Was totally steammmmmed after the lessons but still took the train home. While I was about to take a seat, 1 malay lady stretched her 5 fatty fingers on the seat and disallowed it. (=.=)””’ She wanted the seat for her hubby. I began to back away, only to see a woman carrying a baby coming beside me. She had also came forward seeing the empty seat from afar, but not the fatty fingers until she came near. While the malay woman was waving MADLY to her husband to come and take the seat, I was thinking…wah piangz….she thinks this is library meh, can book seats like that? And the lady carrying the baby certainly needs the seat more than both of them, yet she hogged the seat as if it is made of gold.

So where was the husband? He was obviously super embarrassed by his wife’s actions and refused to take the seat lah, standing far far away, as if scared people know that is his wife. =P He also signaled to the lady with the baby to go ahead to take the seat. However, his wife continued to place her fat fingers there. *faint* The Chinese lady then waved her hands mildly with an embarrassed smile too to say that it’s okie, she can stand.

And you know what? The malay women started to wave MADLY to ANOTHER malay obasan(probably her sister or something) to come and take the seat.


Actually they werent interested to take the seat at all lor if not for her intense urging. After few stops, they alighted. ZzZz

Lately kept bumping into weird people which which…makes you wonder why they’re like that?

Few weeks ago I was at Cityhall mrt and a teenager came up to me and asked whether I can donate to whatever foundation or something. I’m always game for a donation if I’m convenient at the moment. Not as if I donate ALOT lah, but 积少成多mah.

Then, while I’m trying to take money from my wallet then he asked me whether I’m a student. I mumbled a “no” and continued to find my wallet amidst the junks in my tote bag, ONLY TO HEAR HIM SAY, “THEN NEVERMIND THANK YOU!!” And he walked away.

What the fiak???

Not student cannot donate???

*breathe deeply*

There I was standing like an idiot gaping after him with the wallet finally in my hands. I had to dump it back into my bag and try to look less stupid instead by making myself busy on the phone.


Mummy saw dearie’s brows and said it’s nice too. I asked her whether she wanna do it too. If so, I bring her go, cum pay for her. But because she embroidered her eyebrow before with colour so still not sure whether she can do the creative eyebrow embroidery. Some said it’s essential to “remove” the existing colour before it can be done. See how.

Dont think we will be going Batam after all seeing our tight schedules as well as my tight budget after splurging on IPL. Women’s money to easy to earn. =P Shall save more instead. Anyway I checked the Batam rates, also not very attractive leh. And the agencies also didnt bother to call me up after I’ve emailed them. Then forget it loh. Although I’m lemming for Hongkong and Taiwan, really. Because the stuff bought from HK and Macau the last trip were awesome. Like the foamy cleanser from their SASA is only about $8 and works great. Aiya, should have bought more. The pineapple tarts too…….

Okie. If I pass my exam with flying colours, I will reward myself in April! =P


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