Eyebrow Embroidery(cloning) & IPL

I’m SO PROUD of my boy. =D

Today we went Starhaven at International Plaza. Dearie’s scheduled for an eyebrow cloning(a.k.a creative eyebrow embroidery) and me, IPL treatments. =D

Dearie: Will pain or not?
Me: A little bit only lah
Dearie: Will bleed or not??
Me: Wont lah!!!
Dearie: Expensive or not?
Me: I’ve sourced for the promo price liao. Usually it costs around $500-$800, this one only costs $288. And I searched forum liao, the raves not bad.
Dearie: ……..if not nice how?
Me: Eh…I also dont know leh

Wahahahaha Anyway I seriously believe eyebrows and its shape will affect luck! So that’s the catalyst on top of my bugging which made dearie gave in. Anyway our photoshoot is coming mah, pictures will look nicer too. =)

And thank god it turned out great! Or he said he will HANTUM me! =P



Cool right? Woohoo~~~

We’re pretty satisfied with Starhaven’s services.

Dearie’s stylist is Fendi and Jocelyn attended to me.

Both are very patient, accommodating, not pushy at all.

Dearie’s eyebrow was shaped for around 1 hour plus before it was perfect. Cannot pray pray leh…because it’s semi-permanent one. After that, numbing cream was applied on his eyebrows, then the embroidery started. Whole process including the shaping took around 2hours plus. Oh and he got a free touch-up to be done 1 month later.

Dearie complained about the pain. =P But Jocelyn said he’s very brave, because he didnt even pluck eyebrows before and first try he got to experience the “needle”. For your info, the equipment they used to create the 3D effect of the eyebrows was made up by 15 needles in a neat row. It’s something like the needle used in tattoo. So it’s actually quite pain even with the numbing cream.

Therefore, I’m VERY PROUD of you my dear!!


For me, it’s the first time I tried IPL, intense-pulsed light. I asked Jocelyn usually normal people used what frequency. She said for normal people’s pain threshold, it’s around 20-30 pulses. Though she added there was 1 client she attended before who can only tahan 7.

SEVEN??? HAHAHAHA I laughed damn loud. And then caught myself up short.

“I better dont laugh too loud, skali later I 5 only. WAHAHAHA”

And…she started at 19……and on the first zap it was like “HOLY SHIT!!”

It felt like needles poking into your skin. Pain lah..but not veryyyy pain. Perhaps I too long never experience pain liao…wah lau my last facial(remove blackheads damn pain!) was like ages ago and my tattoo was YEARS ago. But I remembered….the IPL’s pain is about only 1% of a tattoo pain. Probably is because the wattage is not very high, and IPL per zap is only like few seconds while tattoo is ON-GOING for like an hour or so.

“Want to increase the pulse?” Jocelyn asked.

“No, thank you. It’s just fine.” I managed a straight face.

She laughed. Haha =P Sigh Im so lousy.

But after awhile I became accustomed to it. Maybe I can consider increasing it the next time.

“The one who used 30 pulses confirm not human lah” I joked.

“Huh, you saying I not human ah?” she laughingly replied.

Muahahahaha Didnt know she was the one who tried the 30. LI HAI LEH! =P

The packages are really worth doing. 6 times sessions + 1 free trial is having 10% off while the 10times session + 1 free trial is having 20% off.

UOB comes with 0% interest installments. =D

After that we went Suntec to walk abit and guess what we bumped into 4 friends. Haha. Was shagged out when we’re back. Tomorrow I got a half day course and Saturday I got full day lesson(for the exam). Sigh.

Saturday burnt.

2 Responses to Eyebrow Embroidery(cloning) & IPL

  1. Tay says:

    Hi, happen to see this, my bro is thinking of doing creative embroidery with fendi but worried about the final result since guy’s brows are different. if you don’t mind to share, may i know how is the effect now? is fendi recommended? and how is the environment at starhaven, is it conducive and clean?

    • Chilli Padi says:

      Hi. Sorry for late reply as I was overseas.
      I had the same worry too before my hubby went to do it as well.
      But since there was a promo then, so he tried and the result was great.
      The only setback was it’s not very lasting. It’s supposed to last a year or more
      with the 1 time free touch up. But it only lasted around 6-8months(dont quite rem).
      Fendi was very nice to give 1 more free touchup which made it last another few months,
      but now, it’s fading again.
      1 possible reason was that Fendi did not “prick” it very deep because my hubby
      wasnt accustomed to the pain. Thus, it’s not that lasting.
      Another reason is, Fendi said she did not “prick” so hard because it will seemed
      weird to his friends if my hubby who only had half a brow suddenly had full and
      very dark eyebrows.
      Hmm Starhaven is not a very plush salon but it’s conducive and clean when every
      customer had their own new/private needle. Most importantly, I think Fendi’s service
      is great. I will still recommend her and go back for the ala-carte touch-ups, priced
      at $120. If your brother can tahan the pain well, can ask Fendi to go all out to prick
      it deep so that it’s more lasting. But confirm painful lah. My mum went for eyebrow
      embroidery too, the normal one for females. And it was lasting because she asked
      Fendi to prick it deep. Hope these helps. =)

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