Wedding thoughts

During the last NPACC meeting, Pau asked me whether I’m excited about the forthcoming wedding. Frankly, I told her the flame has kinda died off. Because dearie always dont have much constructive comments. Everything is “you decide lor” in the most unenthu tone alive. That’s why I felt as if I’m marrying myself and the delightful chemistry fuses. =.= But lately, this chemistry has came back since photoshoot is starting soon. Alright, I know it’s a one day thing and I’m like making a big hoo-haa of it…but…dont know leh, I just feel very excited. I hope it’s much fun. =P

Has been busy studying lately and dammit, I just cant stop falling sick. Haiz. Firstly it was the rashes, and today, the running nose, cough and everything. I’m feeling better already after popping the pills but I’m so sick of being sick every now and then. Sigh. Thursday will be going Starhaven to inquire about their IPL services. And I feel excited about that too. ZzZzz That proves to say how monotonous my life is nowadays, that’s why I easily feel excited. =P

Was surfing Wedding Talk and came across a thread called “The Market Rate for banquet angbaos”. Interesting. Shant mention much in case some misunderstand I’m hinting how much I want for my banquet. Lol. A question just caught my interest in the thread. A girl had asked about the market rate for Hongkong banquets because she will be attending one.

Now, that calls to mind a very interesting tale I heard from dearie. It’s his friend, buddy in fact, who is marrying his Hongkong-er girlfriend. Congratulations!! So you know for every couple, there’s bound to be ups and downs when preparing the wedding. Man…his problem is not small. Apparently, the girlfriend comes from a very reputable family. As I said, his girlfriend is a Hongkong-er who resides and works in HK. While her retired Hongkong-er parents reside in New Zealand. And dearie’s buddy is a Singaporean.

So the father-in-law and mother-in-law wants him to have banquets in Singapore, Hongkong AND New Zealand.


There was 1 mediacorp show by Felicia Chin who showed exactly the same thing(think is Taiwan, Singapore and another country) and I thought it was crap. Who knows it’s possible in real life. Haha. I’m sorry that I cant help but laugh at his friend’s predicament. No ill feelings. =P He has checked it out. For HK banquets, a reputable 5 star hotel will costs at least $1500(if I remembered correctly) per table. And New Zealand also not cheap wor.

He said he will be bankrupt after all the banquets.


To think he actually earns a decent income of at least a monthly 5 figure. Banquets are “xiong” you know…and I think the FIL and MIL intend to KEEP the angbaos too!

Dearie said he’s flying to New Zealand to “negotiate” with his FIL and MIL, who dont intend to help financially. His wife is like stucked in between.

Poor fellas.

Thank god we’re simpler. Mummy only want 2 or 3 tables I think and did she mentioned she dont want the cakes or something? Ahh…dont quite remember…will ask again when the date’s nearer. Actually I’m really clueless about all the stuff, that’s why I’m reading up on them. And if I’m clueless, dearie is worse. And if dearie is worse, means his parents are no better. It’s just weird his parents dont follow the tradition even back at old times(that’s why they’re clueless). They’re the modern, trendy MIL and FIL! Real flexible and accommodating too. I’m very lucky and fortunate. =)

But again, this makes me feel pretty awkward to be advising them and requesting what ought to be done and offered. Because it will be their first time doing it. I hope I dont come across as presumptuous, overbearing or demanding, which dearie made me feel half the time!

He’s like, “this one need meh?”, “need so strict meh?”, “this is the tradition meh?” Then I’m like…argghh….And I’m already giving alot of allowances already as I’m also not a stickler in the mud for following traditional details. But stuff like 4 dian jin and Guo Da Li is a MUST what…dearie asked me whether can skip the WHOLE GUO DA LI AFFAIR.

If I didnt know him, and if I’m any other girl, I’m bound to be mad! As the main meaning of a Guo Da Li ceremony portrays and signifies the male side’s sincerity to ask for hand-in-marriage of the bride formally and the offer of 4 dian jin are tokens by the male side’s family to show acceptance of the bride into the family as well as blessings. 正所谓,明媒正娶. Short of knocking him on the head for even suggesting if we can skip the whole affair.

Every little thing I suggest to him, he will give me that “blank” look as if I’m speaking Tamil. I need to emphasize it’s the norm everytime. Frankly speaking, I will keep everything to the minimal but will still keep the important auspicious traditions. Some of the stuffs are pretty redundant, like baby basin, teapot set, canned pig trotters, the different auspicious seeds and grains to be placed on the new bed etc. But since they’re easily available and cheap, might as well have it for the sake of having an auspicious omen. K lah, I admit I’m pretty superstitious.

I kinda remembered there’s a suckling pig when we went over to Kel’s house in the morning on her big day. Most probably it was one of the offerings to the gods, after which they can be eaten after the prayers. As I love to eat suckling pig, I told dearie I want a BIG BIG one for my big day too. =D

And mind you, it brings good luck too you know, especially the pig head. My grandma always request to bring home the pig head in various weddings or buddhist dinners she attended. Everytime after that, she will win money. For someone who strikes lottery so often, couldnt be wrong. Though of course that doesnt mean I will want to carry a pig’s head home from any occasion lah! Funny practice of the old people. =P


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