Happy & Sad stuff…

I have happy things as well as sad things to blog. Haiz!


I shall blog about the happy stuff first.

Finally met up with my long-time-no-see NP-ACC mates. I was excited even prior to meeting them because so many stuff were already running through my mind. Like, have they changed much, until I cant recognise them? Will we have stuff to chat after years of absence? Will there be an awkward moment? God No. We couldnt stop yakking away the moment we met and we’re so excited tossing questions at each other enthusiastically about how we all have been. I’m really ecstatic to see them. =) There were 6 of us, namely Li, Jan, Hm, Pau, JS and me.

The one with the most updates will be Jan because not only has she got married, her first baby born son Sky is also turning 1 year old soon! Too bad I dont have pictures of her darling. Anyway I will much prefer to see the real-good-thing when I visit her at her home soon.

She regaled us with her horrifying pregnancy which scared all of us(childless lot) into muted bewilderment. First, it was the 10hours which she spent lying on the bed, for trying un-successfully to give birth. That’s why she said her bill came up to $8K plus at Mt Alvernia because the doctor induced birth. Secondly, despite the 10hours, it was still unsuccessful and she has to do cesarean. Thirdly, she was given anaesthetic for the lower body only and suffered massive side-effects by vomiting non-stop after that. Fourthly, because of her vomiting, she has to be on the drip for few days after her pregnancy….Guess what…after more than 10hours of labour and cant eat anything! Fifthly, she suffered a minor depression when she was having her 1month confinement.


We had our dinner at Raffles City, The Asian Kitchen, followed by chilling at Gloria Jeans Coffee. I had so much laughs during those moments. They also asked how’s my wedding preparations coming up, the costs about wedding la, housing arrangement and we discussed about the common topics like MIL relationships and household expenses arrangement etc. Jan and Pau really damn funny lah! Hahaha! But I probably cant blog down what’s SO FUNNY because *ahem*…in case my sensitive husband got “jumpy” again.

Initially, JS was late. And I was kidding it must be because he’s busy buying flowers for Li. It turned out true! When he presented a small bouquet of sunflower to the charmingly embarrassed Li, the WHOLE group laughed like nobody’s business. Hahaha! They said I can be fortune teller liao. Muahahaha.

Actually no lah, JS has always being the romantic gentleman in our class. And to our class bella Li who will be going away for 3 years, it’s no doubt he will go to such great lengths. =) Oh We also have to thank him for picking the tab. I think quite a huge tab for the amount we’ve eaten. Despite how I teased him that he dont have to treat us other than the lady-in-honour, he still refused to accept our monies. Oh well Thanks! Seriously, he’s a real 体贴 guy. When the few of us remarked our Ice Chocolate wasnt sweet enough, he immediately went and get chocolate powder and chocolate fudge for us. How I wish my hubby can be more 体贴. =P

But he left shortly after we settled at Gloria Jeans. Probably because all our topics revolved around females stuff. When Pau asked me what were the side-effects of me consuming the slimming pills back then before my ROM, I said out loud, “前面没有掉lor!(breasts shrunk!)”. Upon seeing JS’s constipated face trying to control not to laugh, then I realised, “opps, please pretend you didnt hear that”. Haha. But rather than giving Pau the wrong impression that the effects are permanent, I told her after I started eating like a cow immediately after my ROM, along with the weight, back comes the breasts. LOL. Yeah. So it’s still fine lah. Muahahaha.

Yeah. I will try to organize more outings in future if possible between the few of us. I just know Hm and Pau all worked in Raffles Place like me too. Jan, however, is a housewife cum part-time student. I urged Pau and Hm to get facebook too since Li probably cant join us for a long long time already. Haiz. She’s flying coming sunday.

So anyway, got to get my ass up to upload the pictures we took at Asian Kitchen, along with the few with Kel, Jy which I’m lazy to post earlier on.

Hm, Pau, Jan, Me, Li. Actually we felt we didnt really change much. Haha.

Without flash. My hair look darker and healthier. Haha.

Ah…this picture Hm closed her eyes.

And this picture Li closed her eyes. ZzZ have to be fair to both huh by posting both.

Hmmm…..suddenly feel my chin is very sharp…..=X
I dont want my chin to be sharppppp………I want my FEATURES to be sharpppp………I dont want to be tare-panda…… =(

At Cyclone Pub. Kel & J. Remember I told you about the GIANT lobster? HAHA!

With Kel and Jy

The 2 cute mummies

Ah…..gross…I must start practicing how to smile naturally already for the upcoming shoot….gosh…my smile looked so spastic and constipated. Damn gross lor! =X

Okie…now for the slightly gloomier stuff.

Haiz. Despite how I favor HSBC bank services, heard they’re not doing so well too. Think CITI bank is worse situation. It seems OCBC bank is the more sound and solvent among the local banks. Hopefully all pulls through, as I heard Jan’s hubby is working in CITI Bank as a banker. Jan is not working and they just got a baby. Haiz. Hope all are well lah, including myself.

And………I got another claim to settle already. Death claim. Sigh. =(



Haiz…….please…..get yourselves covered, sufficently. Recession or no recession, catastrophes dont struck by seasons or weather. And for god’s sake, if you own a car, please get at least a decent coverage for yourself. Because it makes no sense that your car got covered for more than you! You’re definitely worth more isnt it?


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