Friday night was packed everywhere. Seeing no seats at alley bar and IceColdBeer, dearie and I settled at “Howl at the moon”. It was our first time there. We paid $20 cover charge inclusive of 1 drink and was entertained by the live band on 2nd level.

It was different from other bands because instead of 1 lead singer, all the performers sings too. But of course the lead singer still sings the best. What amazed me was their talent at various instruments. Each and everyone of them can perform fairly well on at least 2 instruments, except the drummer who was stagnantly stationed. I was appalled when 1 of them plays the keyboard, plays the electric guitar and then continued to play the saxophone. All of them performed DIFFERENT instruments for DIFFERENT songs. Even the lead singer was great on the keyboard.

While other livebands in pubs get to rest after every 30minutes or so, this particular band performed non-stop live music, occasionally spicing up the party by jacking up some percussion performance(like STOMP) or sabotage of birthday girls/guys. It’s like, you’re always in for surprises. And there was hardly a “down” moment.

Rather than the normal audience and band austere relationship for our prim-and-proper fellow Singaporeans, we saw a very warm connection between the crowd and the band. Most of them were very high throughout the night. I like the lead singer’s singing as well as the music they whipped up, simply awesome.

While most pubs are having Filipino singers and band, this band consists of Caucasians, except the drummer who is a Singaporean. No ill feelings towards the former and no favoritism for the latter as I’m no SPG. I do feel most Filipinos sings better. This band do stand out with their various talents.

We had 1/2 pint of hoegarden for our included drinks and ordered 1 more pint at $17. I think it’s pricier than the various pubs near alley bar. Probably that accounts to the not-very-full house(still got crowd lah), while IceCold is always brimming with people. Oh The cover charge only applies after 9pm on friday and saturday though.

Movie title: Coming soon
Ratings: 4.5/5
Comments: A great thai horror. Shiok! Scary enough, I like. Heez. But abit disappointed of the ending. Do watch it. Females were screaming throughout the theatre just now with the males laughing. Haha. Quite funny.


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