“Kungfu Chef” not nice

Ah…I guess I dont have to emphasize that I’m getting lazier day by day. I still blog pretty often, like a demented woman who needs to release her pent-up thoughts and outbursts via this channel. However, if you have noticed, number of pictures have dropped. I’m simply too lazy to snap pictures and upload them nowadays.

It has been 8 days since Vickki had her op, which means it has been 8 days since her last bath. She’s stinking like hell now and her bah-wu(stench) can be smelt from like a meter away. But somehow, I still find the smell endearing and adorable, despite being a little…hmm…yah chou4 chou4. Heez.

There has been this saying. If you like a person, you will like his smell no matter how weird the smell might be. But if you dont like a person, whatever perfume/cologne he has on just irks you. =) True.

I have no choice but to schedule Vickki’s next basic grooming session on 11th because the doctor said her wound cant touch water for a minimum of 2 weeks. I really wonder what will happen if she didnt get to bathe for that long. Will worms grow on her? Omg..that thought made me shudders. =P Though I still wipe her face everyday. No choice. If not, her eyes will be fully swamppppped with mucus. Gross!

Movie Title: Kungfu chef
Ratings: 3/5
Comments: It’s a vast disappointment. I expected superior culinary skills and somewhat-amount of corny digital effects but even that failed me. The digital effects were not even done with reason, too limited and nothing outstanding. Not much focus were put on culinary portion while major movie parts were focused on gang fights due to a stupid feud which wasnt even explained properly. Mediocre action moves. I can find better actions in a 10year old movie.

The plot dont even make sense sometimes. Like they didnt show how Sammos train Vaness in cooking and suddenly Vaness can take part in a competition and ended up being very pro. For a kungfu trained disciple like him who doesnt know how to cook well, it’s just crap. What I most bth should be the ending part, where Sammos suddenly appeared and tossed 1 tofu into the soup which Vaness made. And that suddenly made the soup oh-so-delightful. Hello, it’s a competition loh and the judges were already savouring the dishes. The time was over! How can someone suddenly chup 1 leg in and add whatever stuff leh. And I cant stand Vaness or whatever birdnest. His acting is SO boring. He simply cant act. No matter how much romance should blossomed between him and the other female lead, that simply failed. In short, this movie failed as an action film and comedy as well as in romance.

Actually the action director and director are names which I’m familiar, but somehow..maybe their standard dropped. It’s a real low budget film too. Because I have never seen such a small array of ingredients for a national competition hanging on a gigantic “birdcage”.

Why I give a 3 out of 5? Because of Sammos.

Initially we meant to watch “Bloody Valentines” but it wasnt shown in Jurong Point. Dearie is very interested to watch the 3D movie. You’re required to wear a special plastic glasses and the images are 3D. From what dearie described, it’s like they will look so real as if they will sprout out of the scream. He said in some instances, if the actions include water spraying etc, there will be real water sprouted on you too. I think that’s bullshit. =P

I’ll share my experience after I watched it.

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