What I’m up to

Geez. Am down with rashes. They looked fugly, like those feng1 mo4 kind? Anyway, seen a doc and he said it’s just allergy. They itched like hell! Made me so grouchy. Dr Tan said will heal totally in around 3 days. Today is the 2nd day already. Okie, technically speaking, today is the 3rd day. The itch was gone but there are still blotches of uneven skin colour(red) on my hands and legs. Eeeeeee.

Li is flying Japan on 15th Mar and I thought we NP ACC mates can gather to meet up. Since she will be gone for 3 years, apart from coming back in Dec for her banquet. Eh…half way into organizing…then I felt she’s not that interested to meet up with the gang of girls, apart of the 2 male classmates which she still meets now and then. Ehhhh…..If I know she’s not that interested, I wont organize in her honour already. =S

JS is very nice to propose a farewell gift too. I hope G can make it too because previously we kept in contact via friendster messages but it’s troublesome you see. And W, I used to club with her too! Haiz…as we got old, we tend to prioritize our family and work, so meetings with ex-classmates will tend to decrease while meetings with colleagues will tend to increase.

And after I started jio-ing, it’s hard to exclude people out because it’s like….not every nice? Haiz anyway…bu jiao dou jiao le….hope it will be a successful one as it’s no easy job okie…to confirm everything with so many people. I’m real excited to know how they are doing. Most of them have married and even have babies! Am feeling bad because Jan still sends me birthday messages every year without fail. So sweet of her. I haven met them for so long due to our family and work commitment and I really missed some of them.

But I told Li even if she dont feel like going, I will still go ahead and meet the girls. Because I intend to invite them for my banquet. I will be very happy if all of them turn up for my wedding. And it’s not because of the angbao OK! So far, Jan, JS, P, has confirmed and I really appreciate their time. L cant make it because of a wedding and C cant make it because nobody tends her baby. Tell you, your freedom will seriously suffer when you have a baby. But the pro is if you give birth earlier, at least you can be “done with it” the sooner. =P

Actually I’m very interested to see Jan’s baby when she asked whether we want to meet at her house. But Li prefers to meet outside. Perhaps I will drop down to see her when I’m free. Haiz…but I know it’s difficult. I need to start studying soon for the exam in APRIL. Dammit. Also need to file income tax before…16th April.

Now that I think of it, as per what dearie said. Actually time really flies SO FAST. Like…I will reach 30 soon *sob sob* and dearie will reach 35 soon…and then 40. I wonder next time will our topics revolve around kids la..or which primary schools good la etc. I’m sure of it…because Kel and Jy tend to discuss about MotherCare and BabyCare stuff ever since they got babies. =.= Of course, I have nothing much to comment…except that grandmothers will always be a better baby-sitter than a foreign maid. =) Mummies the best!

Lately hor…I’m reading forums on the topic of IPL. Hmmm……for the girls…you know lah….for where…you also know lah…A-P loh.

So so so………I’m wandering if anyone is interested too? Go together leh……at least wont be so sian. Am looking at Starhaven. Heard their services not bad and they’re having promotions too. Actually I also heard of VPL and AFP apart of IPL. So complicated..wonder what’s the differences and which ones are better and better yet, more economical. =P


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