HSBC bank rocks. CITI sucks!

This post is to commemorate HSBC bank!

We know that CITI and UOB has always been the widely used card because of their various merchant discounts. But seriously CITI bank service sucks BIG TIME. I’m referring to their hotline tele services. They are simply rude and do not know the basic manners, for the tone doesnt even sound right. And the hotline takes forever to be picked up. While they’re so proud of their 24hours tele-banking, that’s utter rubbish! Yes after midnight, the line gets through but try waiting for 30minutes or more. Because the max I’ve waited is 30minutes and it’s still not answered.

Crap! If not for their merchant discounts, I would have dump the stupid old damn card long ago.

Not much encounter with UOB services so I cant comment much. I only know they’re very emphatic about their annual card charges because Dav once called to “threaten” to cancel the card, hoping that they can waive off the charges, but only to have the CS officer coolly tell him, “in that case, please kindly cut the card into 2 will do.” Muahahaha, if I remembered the incident correctly that is.

Initially dearie and I got the HSBC card is because they offer discounts for GV movie tickets. And we have not regretted since(even though for now OCBC gives a higher discount for the tickets). Because we realised their perks has been increasing widely thereafter.

The CITI and UOB merchant discounts booklets are sent every month and it’s not difficult to notice that theirs are mainly 10-15% off mainly ulu restaurants while HSBC offers much better deals, like 1 for 1, complimentary facials and massages(just that I’m too busy to go), special rates etc. And slowly, you will realise for some exclusive restaurants, their discounts are usually tagged with HSBC cards only.

I dont mean “exclusive” as expensive, I merely meant they usually dont have any credit card offers. For example, IceColdBeer, Waraku Japanese Restuarant etc. Some exclusive offers include 1-dines-free-with-4 for hotels hi-tea and buffets, with Marriott, Fullerton etc. Still got many more. Off hand cant think of so many. It’s always exciting to flip the HSBC rewards booklets while I usually throw the CITI and UOB ones into the bin. They’re always the same.

And if you have realised, CITI and UOB always seem to go together. Like if CITI has discount, UOB also have. In my opinion, just get a UOB will do. Unless you want the CITI Dividend which offers the yearly dividend. But I also cant see the money leh, too little already despite the amount dearie and me spent.

Oh And I’m coming to the gist of the post. Today I received my HSBC credit card bill. I’m almost prepared for that…the $45 late charge…and yes it was there. =( Somehow I just missed paying the last bill of exactly $28.84 by 1 day. Arggghhh! It was like…duhz…it’s just a small bill…not even $50…and somehow the absent-minded me forgot about it lor. And to pay a late charge of $45 and $2.50 finance charge on a $28.84 bill simply is not justifiable to me. But I knew I’m in the wrong…because I knew I paid late…but seriously I thought a $28 dont matter that much to warrant a late charge of $45.

So I…meekly..keke…called the hotline just now. Bravo! It’s sat and my called was answered in 1minute. I said, I thought if the bill doesnt fulfill the “minimum $50”, there’s no urgency to pay and I didnt know the late charge will apply. But I literally pleaded with the guy to please waive off the charges because I know I’m in the wrong..

“This will be the last time I promise”

The guy laughed and said okay…but told me maximum only 3 times waiver.

Still can 3 times? So that means I have another 2 attempts. Lol. But thank god he cant see my expression as I hurriedly emphasized, “no no, just this 1 time will do.”

He also told me even if outstanding 1ct I also need to pay or else the late charge $45 will still apply. ZzZz.

I was smiling like an idiot while I thanked him profusely for the waive and wished him a great day.

See, so easy.

The last time I called that damn stupid CITI bank, their attitude has been downright condescending and arrogant and I do not think it’s my fault AT ALL the other time for paying late because they didnt send me my bills!

Then the stupid b*tch said it’s because I’ve opted for E-billing. I said yes I did, a long time ago but they continued to send me my bills by mail every month anyway and failed to open my e-billing account until MANY MONTHS LATER. So I continued to be reliant on the paper bills until they abruptly stopped without even warning me.

“But you’re still able to log in online to view your outstanding balance, Miss. And the account showed that your first login was in *insert some month in 2008*”, she retorted smartly. She thought.

“Yes I did log in when I first had the account but I find that it’s too troublesome. Since I always check my post mails with other mails that I have, I’ve stopped logging in since I can pay the CITI bills which was mailed together.

And if you can see my first login, why dont you look at my LAST login? *mentally rolling eyes* Because after a long period of not logging in, I had forgotten my password and I’m unable to log in already.”

As a final explanation, I said, “look. I did not purposely pay late. I paid late because I was all along waiting for your posted bill. And because your hotline is so difficult to get through, I had to roughly gauge how much did I spend so that I can pay a random amount to the card. And because it’s a hazard guess, I have paid in EXCESS of a hundred dollars, albeit a few days later. Does that look like I wish to avoid my bill or I dont have the means to pay hence the late payment?”

The STUPID b*tch finally relented and waived off the late charge and menacingly warned me it’s the only time. Meanwhile, I asked that loser to reset my online password.

Asshole lor. Hng. Premium bank. I hope they close down.

Duhz. But I probably dont wish that, for that will push us into a more gloomy recession mood. Hng!

HSBC rocks!

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