No more drinks..

Sigh. Cant sleep so came here to blog. Dont understand why I can sleep like a log last time after drinking but nowadays I cant, because stomach always feel uncomfortable. Did not drank alot but I wished I drank lesser. What can I do when I have 2 sisters, where Jy always dupe my drinks whenever I went ladies while the other Kel always make me drink when playing group 5-10? Hmmm….what a long sentence. Haha. Haiz..Jy wanted to finish her bottle of Chivas…so keep pour. =.=

And I’m dreading my hen’s night…they say will “give me a good time”. =( Then then Kel said she must throw me into the water too like how she was thrown last time at Cafe Del Mar. =( But but that time is Jy asked the angmor to throw one leh! Not me leh….yuan you tou…zhai you zhu….boowoo…But Jy kept deny. Dont know she really forgot or act one. Kns! Anyway that time I also kanna thrown into the water hor…in fact only Liz and G didnt. That G, hid in the toilet for 30minutes then dare to come out. Booooo! Jy said we will get our dues on G’s hen’s night. Haha.

Anyway, I’m sure it was an unforgettable hen’s night for Kel. It was the perfect excuse, or reason for Jy to ask the angmors to throw Kel into the water, I remembered vividly. Unforgettable mah. =P

Important lesson learnt.

Hen’s night venue must be NO WHERE NEAR WATER.



Haiz. Central kopitiam also got beer. Maybe have to hen’s night at my house liao. Haha. But doubt they allow it. =S

We took some pictures at the pub just now but not convenient to post now as it’s difficult to grope in the dark. Damn funny. You guys see a giant lobster before? I’ll show you next time.

Dearie has been lemming to go back Intercontinental Hotel again, or a short break in whichever style. So do I. =( But it’s difficult…… Actually I have a simpler wish, which is to stay home and rest for the weekend. For both weekends. I’m lately glued to old movies and have been watching them online. Despite the technology might have been a tad old, the action moves are still pretty outstanding. And comedies, they wont be out of style. I’ve also realised most old movies are less heavy in storyline. However, the “thrill” factor is there, especially for horror vampires shows. And still funny.

Vickki is feeling better and more or less back to her old self. But she still sleeps more than she usually does. Hmmm….good thing is she can jump and run liao.

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