Vickki’s Neutering

Before the Chinese New Year in January, I booked an appointment with Dr Grace Heng from The Joyous Vet for Vickki’s sterilization. Business must be good, for the earliest appointment available was the day before, which was 25th Feb. Dr Grace Heng is a very renowned vet in the industry. She has a wide-spread reputation for being the cream of the crop as well as very caring towards animals. What’s best, they’re located so near me, in Choa Chu Kang Ave 3 at Sunshine Place.

I know some of you might be thinking to neuter Vickki is a very cruel thing. The point is, I also dont bear to see her go under the knife. The thought really sickens me. But I finally conceded after one particular visit to the vet. She told me if I dont neuter Vickki, she more or less will contract breast cancer when she’s of old age. “More or less”. I’m shocked and alarmed by that discovery.

I’m not worried about her accidentally getting pregnant because she’s in good hands. Since we all know dog’s life span usually wont surpass 15 years unless they’re godly healthy. I just wish to prolong Vickki’s life for as long as I can, by keeping her as healthy as possible and reducing her risk of contracting any disease as low as possible.

The vet said if I neuter her, it will reduce her risk of contracting ovarian and womb cancer. And if the op is done before her 2nd menses, her risk of getting breast cancer is zero. If however it’s done after that, it doesnt reduce the risk at all. Vickki has to go without food and water from midnight onwards. I sent her there around 12pm and fetched her back around 8+pm in the evening. And both occasions, the clinic was very packed.

My heart pained to see her in low spirits and fatigue, for it’s obvious the wound is still abit painful. The whole family are very concerned, seeing her not of her usual lively, greedy self. Usually she will run to receive us when we came back. After the op, she managed to walk but very slowly. No running and strictly no jumping because that will stretch her wound. She always shift her position from time to time as if no position can be totally comfortable with her wound on her stomach. Thus we gave her one of our big pillow to lie on.

She cant have any food and water too till the next morning 6am. And since she just had an op, I’ve decided to cook some soft macaroni for her to eat rather than giving her the usual pet food.

To wake up at 6am is no easy task for me.

I woke up at 6.30am instead and then set a 15minutes snooze while the macaroni were soaked. Then I woke up again to boil them while I snoozed again for 20minutes. I finally woke up again from a 15minutes snooze as I waited for them to cool before I served them to my Princess Vickki. By the time I flopped onto my bed(like the 4th time) at 7+am, I was as dead as a corpse. And you know what, Vickki did not eat her macaroni till in the late afternoon. I think she dont have appetite to eat prior to that. So much so for my effort. Sigh. Nevermind. But she ate little too….my heart pained again when she’s usually such a glutton.

Haiz. Anyway she’s better today. Ate more, walked faster, but most of the time, she laid on the floor or on cushions. Her stitches are “dissolvable” so there’s no need to go back to remove the stitches. There’s a need to look after her most of the time when possible to prevent her from licking her wound which was sprayed with antibiotics(silver in colour). Else there might be infection. I can only go out after Wei came back from school because nobody was home.

Am very grateful to Dr Grace Heng as she also fixed her umbilical hernia too during the op. Although the nurse said it was a “by the way” thing, it clearly showed how caring and how much Dr Grace loves animals for she did not want her to go through another op in future nor have that birth disorder for the rest of her life. Guiltily speaking, I totally forgotten about the hernia because it’s not life threatening. But I’m really glad she fixed it for me, what’s more at no extra charges.

I was told the wound need 2 weeks to heal and Vickki is not to be bathed. Oh my god I thought, she will probably stinks like hell. No choice as we cant get the wound wet. Meanwhile, I hope she can recover much much faster and back to her old self in no time. I miss the old her.

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