A new fridge & Pending Photoshoot

So many things, so busy. Sigh. Down with sorethroat, cough with frequent bouts of headache. =(

There are 2 things which I’m terrified of them breaking down.

One is aircon. The other is the fridge.

Our 13year old Mitsubishi fridge had finally waved it’s last goodbye. Sigh…my poor icecreams had to be thrown away, so sad.

The day before, Mummy, Wei, dearie and me went Audio House at Liang Court to buy a fridge, after being attracted to their policy, “guaranteed lowest price or your money back”. It closed very early at 9pm though. And I thought we should be able to make our purchase within 45minutes. I was so wrong.

Dearie always love shopping in electrical stores. And he LOVES to shop for fridges, TV even though it’s much too early for us to browse. Hence, we almost had our mind set on Fisher & Paykel for their economical price, simple design and 4-ticks-energy consumption savings. But Mummy has different ideas. We loittered here and there and debated much over different brands and models. There’s so much to consider when buying a fridge.

Firstly, determine the dimensions(Width, Height, Depth) available to store the fridge. We had measured ours.

Secondly, determine your priority needs for a fridge. For e.g, a big freezer because you store tons of icecream or a gigantic chiller because you store tons of beer etc. Or you like a fridge which saves the most electricity etc.

Thirdly, narrow down your selections to your favourite brand(if any), the kind of design you prefer(2 door/3door etc), your needs and of course your budget.

It was no easy task for there were dozens of models around. We were actually set on 1 model from Fisher&Paykel at $1099 but they’re out of stock till March. Our food cant wait that long. Hence the search and comparisons started ALL OVER AGAIN after 30minutes.

We ended up with a Mitsubishi 3 door latest model fridge which has a 3-ticks-energy-consumption savings. It’s also very economical with a price tag of $999 including delivery charges and disposal of our old fridge(or trade in). That made all of us very happy. It’s titanium-plated which makes it scratch-proof, and is even better than stainless steel. Titanium looks like a matte bluish metal colour. I like. Heez. We spent 1hour plus just so to choose a fridge! Finally we left 10minutes prior to them closing.

I loved our old fridge. It’s a 5 door, pretty complicated huh. Actually it’s not. The top consisted of 2 doors side by side which opens up to the main chiller. Lower down, there are 2 separate freezer drawers, 1 beneath the other. I love it because our icecream, frozen dim sum and tang yuan got separated from the frozen raw meat. Hygiene sake. The bottom is another 1 large chiller drawer for all the vegetables, fruits etc.

And the best part is, we seldom need to top up water and we absolutely dont need to break ice cubes. Because there’s a water bank in the main chiller where you fill up water. And ice cubes formed will just automatically drop into a large, deep, container in the freezer drawer beneath it where we store our ice-cream. The ice-cubes trays must be built in or whatever because it’s totally not visible. A fully-filled container can easily filled 6-8 glasses with ice-cubes.

There is never a case where we dont have enough ice-cubes in the container unless we forgot to top up water, which is like only needed…every month? It is completely automatic because if there are too few ice-cubes, it will produce more. But if the container is full, it will stop producing ice-cubes from the water bank. It’s just wonderful.

So far, I still feel our old fridge is the best despite being an old model compared to the latest models. The latest models are stylish, big in appearance, automatic and everything, but didnt you realise the spaces are very limited? Especially those gigantic 2 door fridges. Inside are a dozen cubicles which simply take up too much space. Bulky mess.

But mummy said our old fridge used to cost around $3K. (=.=)”’ Wei said we have “downgraded”, and now we must accommodate to the new habit of filling up water in the ice-cubes trays and then turning them over to get the ice-cubes. ZzZzz. I haven done that in 13years. Kinda missed our old fridge already… =(

Yesterday, went Capio there to see how’s my wedding gown and also for a fitting. It doesnt fit again because Capio said I’ve slimmed down again. She said everytime she saw me, I will lose some weight. “Measuring tape dont lie, my girl”, she said. It’s weird. I really dont feel I shed any weight at all..but maybe I did…with all the stuff that’s going on. However, I still feel my waist is thick and told her I wish to shed more before the upcoming shoot. She literally beg me not to because it will be improportional already since the can-can made the gown rather humongous for the bottom. (=.=)”’

The gown is still not yet finished, some more beading to be done at the top with minor changes here and there. But I’ve chosen another 2 evening gowns for the shoot. I will choose the traditional costume 1 week prior to the shoot. Dearie will also choose his suits then. Capio said I can still choose a different evening gown for my actual day in Aug if new gowns catch my eye.

I’m actually in a dilemma whether to separate the indoor and outdoor shoot into 2 different days. Because I hate to wake up that early and gets fatigued easily since shooting will be around 10hours or more. If I separate into 2 days, it wont be so rush and I also dont have to get up so early. However, need to top up a $80 for all the etc.

Should I separate or not?

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