A post from nowhere

Oh man. I really cant sleep despite taking not one but TWO times of cough medicine. It’s supposed to cause drowsiness and it’s not working! Before you think I purposely drink cough medicine to make myself sleepy, no, I’m really having a cough.

I wont say I dont feel unwell but I cant say I feel well either. Lately, or rather most of the time, my stomach have mood-swings. The feeling is frustrating. It’s like, not very hungry, neither very full but timing often says it’s time to eat something. It often throws me into a dilemma whether should I eat. Something must be wrong somewhere. Perhaps the nerves whose role is to detect hunger accurately and precisely, are not working properly. The signals are always unclear. By the time when I realllyyyyy feel hungry, it’s actually over the limit. As in, the real hunger already caved in and I’m weak all over. Hence, gastric.

Appetite-suppressant pills do that, but weird, I haven been taking them for now.

Anyway, I made a lovely discovery today of my friend’s blog. She’s quite a private person so it’s too bad you cant view it unless I got her permission to publish the URL first. Although I haven meet her before yet, I really enjoy our online chats and our gaming. Her blog entries are entertaining, informative too and it’s going to be another fave past time of mine rather than me wasting my time reading forum postings of stupid girls over their stupid BGR problems.

How many times must I repeat?

“He’s just not that into you lah!” Go catch the movie lah.

Her blog is filled with saliva-dripping pictures of all the delicacies she made/baked too. Straight-forward, candid, precise perfect English sentences with her sense of humour, added with a pinch of spunk and spice just make my day. Upon reading, I got more and more surprised and fascinated about how we are so alike(in a good way of course). Haha. I kinda realised even the way we wrote our blogs and the things we complain are quite the same. Lol. But one difference for sure, her English is at least 20times better than mine. Hahaha.

One of the similarities is how crazy, fussy we are with food and our motto would be, “we live to eat”. Not only that, we seemed to have some similarities in food we love too.

My list of FAVE food
1) Prawns
2) Scallops
3) Lobsters
4) Crabs(chilli/black pepper)
5) Cheesy bratwurst sausage
6) Cheesecake
7) Tiramisu
8) Bacon and ham (especially wrapped around asparagus or 金针菇
9) Eggs
10) Salmon
11) Frog legs
12) ice-cream
Hmmm…………that’s all for now…

She bakes awesome pastries and cakes too. What’s more, she just stays nearby my block only. I would love to learn from her, if she’s willing to teach that is. Hmmm…but most probably she will be lazy to teach, if my guess that we’re are alike, is correct. Lol. Because if it’s someone asking me to teach her how to bake this or cook that, unless it’s a real easy dish, I’m also pretty lazy to teach eh. Perhaps recipes sharing are OK though. Hee. But you know, I appreciates her honesty and straight-forwardness very much. She’s as candid as me. No excuses, no lies. That’s the way it is.

Finally the drowsiness kicked in. Ciaoz.

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