Pregnant Ladies

Rise and shine!

It’s so shiok to wake up late on a Saturday. Heh. I’m so thankful for the big rain in the morning. It has been so hot lately.

Yesterday I took train to meet Li at town for dinner. It has been ages since I took train at a peak hour and I’m not liking the crowd. To make things worse, my manicure wasnt totally dry.

Initially I have a package with Nail Palace at Tiong Bahru Plaza but haven been going back. Now that they have opened a branch right here at Yewtee mrt, hence I utilised my package. But because the package has been bought in 2006, it wasnt written down in black and white that any colours can be chosen for my french combo. I remembered I always use silver glitter for my tip. But this manicurist insisted that silver glitter tip is not included in the package and I have to top up a $5.35.

I’m so annoyed because it really wasnt what was promised in the first place, albeit 2+ years ago. It’s almost quite impossible to recall the stupid manager who sold me the package plus her loser face. The only honest thing she told me was the package has no expiry date. However, she didnt tell me that the package cant be used during chinese new year and some public holidays. Because they’re only doing express pedi and express mani on these days to make more money.

Despite how annoyed I am, I know it’s not the staff’s fault. But this is just to warn you guys in future for any packages signed, make sure they list down all the freebies and everything that are included. This is no time to be paiseh for kiasu-ness. Employees change jobs all the time. You might never find the manager who sold you the package the next day. That’s why I never buy plans from banks because it’s difficult to find someone accountable.

Since my manicure had not totally dry, you can imagine my 10 fingers were “spreaded” out like a vampire infront of me, for fear of people brushing alongside me. The train was so crowded that I had constant fear that the manicure will be ruined. So when I saw the first seat available, I hurried over and sat down.

Few minutes after sitting down, I noticed a couple kept shooting daggers at me. DiaO and diaO. I wondered WHAT did I do to deserve their stares. Yeah I was wearing quite bitchy yesterday…but…couldnt be also mah. And when I looked closely, AH, I discovered the reason.

The auntie was having a slightly bulging stomach under her super black-and-white flowery top. If one didnt look closely, it’s difficult to notice she might be pregnant. It also looked like a fat person with a bulging tummy or else a lady being 4-5months pregnant. It’s not very big you see, moreover under the flowery top.

HA! SO that was why she was diaO-ing me. Because I didnt offer my seat to her. And she kept leaning her tummy towards me as if it’s very big like that. It’s small lor so it did not have any impact.

I tell you I’m vastly disgusted by this kinda people. They think just because they’re pregnant, the whole world is obligated to give up the seats to them and anyone who did not do so is branded as SELFISH.

You get it clear here.

If I offer my seat to you, it’s my KINDNESS.

Because I have nothing whatsoever to gain with your pregnanancy OK and I have something to lose when I give up my seat to you. The only person who should be obligated to give you his seat is your husband. He’s the one who shagged you and got you pregnant with the burden.

So it’s not right to assume everyone has the duty to give up the seat for you because it’s your decision to get pregnant and have this burden. In short, yeah, I meant, you deserve it. =P

What’s more, why should I give up my seat to someone who is demanding, take things for granted and someone who was RUDELY shooting daggers at me.

After 2 stations passed, another pregnant lady boarded the crowded train. Wow, this lady looked SO pregnant that nobody would have missed it. In addition, she was carrying a big bag and a laptop bag, unlike the 1st pregnant lady who was only carrying a small handbag.

So I signaled her over and let her have my seat, which she said thank you. She was obviously shagged out, from her facial expressions. But I probably missed the expression of the 1st pregnant lady because I was trying hard to look expressionless.

She must be jumping up and down when I gave my seat to the 2nd pregnant lady instead of her. HAHAHA! =PPPPPP

I always give up my seats when any elderly or pregnant people are nearby me, though they dont happen very frequently because I seldom take trains nowadays, especially during peak hours.

Ok lah after few more stations, an uncle infront of me got up from his seat. I did not take it, so that the 1st pregnant lady beside me can have it. She was kinda surprised. Hng~ WO KE LIAN NI ok~ Hopefully that will teach her to be more appreciative and less demanding.

WY joined us while Li and me had dinner at a restaurant at Wisma, the one which was very deep inside. The prawn Aglio Olio is actually very nice, with 6 prawns somemore. If I didnt remember wrongly, it’s only priced at $13.90. In this economy, it came with 6 prawns is considered very shocking already leh. I had apple pie with icecream for dessert. It was heavenly as well. Must bring dearie to eat some time.

WY left to find her friend while Li and me went for drinks. Ice Cold Beer was too crowded so we settled at Alley bar. I had a total of 3 cab sap while she had 1 and a hoegarden. Haiz She cant drink much lah because she’s on medication. We chatted about lots of stuff lah, mainly about how we’re aging *sob* and our common friends.

It’s time to ask them out already for I really haven seen them for very long. As Li is going Japan in March and it’s going to be a 3 years. I thought we will have a classmates gathering. Though please dont bring your babies along. Thank you. Haha.

After that, Li wanna go home so I joined T, Ce, Iv at dragonfly. Only for a 2 hours lah. The whole night I was being introduced around….( =__=)””” I just cant mix well with that clique of people…erm…many reasons. The main reason is because I cant maintain a conversation for more than 3minutes with some hand on my waist or any part of my body. It’s most uncomfy. So I always broke away after 3minutes. Hubby, you dont have to worry okie. Anyway I also seldom club, like once in a blue moon.

I’ve said umpteen times liao. Wanna talk? Talk away. Buttttt, no needdddd to touch me one. I also wont fall. There’s no need to hold my waist or back. Anyway I still had fun with T they all lah though the music wasnt great yesterday. I almost fainted when the band singer sang a hokkien song.

It’s weird. That time Jy jio us out, I said I wanna cut down on drinking. Lol. But some days, I will have the mood to drink and club. I think it depends huh. It’s more fun clubbing with Kel, G and Jy because we dance and chat. Ce, T they all hardly dance one, they’re too busy doing GS. Haha. GS=gao sua=picking up guys.

Feb and Mar are very busy months for me. Haiz. Hope I can keep up with it.


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