He’s just not that into you

Movie Title: He’s just not that into you
Ratings: 4.8/5
Comments: Very entertaining. A hilarious comedy. For a show with a combination of few different stories, I’m glad they actually “blended” them very well. Like each story is independent on it’s own, while still able to be pieced all together as a great movie.

The “pointers” or love-signs addressed by the movie were pretty amusing though not foreign to me. Have yet to read the book but I guess it’s all about the same stuff. I think it’s all pretty common sense huh. As in, if a guy doesn’t calls, then he’s not interested. That’s like, the basic. Everyone should know that. But obsessed people in love often failed to see that. Usually, I tend to be stupid AFTER I’m in a relationship and not prior to that. There’s much lecture for me but thank god I’ve lived through them and survived through them. Yes!

I can share a few pointers too, while I’m here. Just simple, basic ones. Oh and I realised I’ve blogged them before at blogspot.

Here’s again. Ctrl + C and Ctrl+ V is wonderful.

Signs that he’s not that into you(and yup you should find a better guy)

1) Somehow, he always misses your calls and your messages. And seldom or no replies

2) He can suddenly go MIA

3) His fridays, saturdays, and eves of PH are always not available. Or either that, he only spares you 2 hours like a dinner or a movie, thats it.

4) Before this, he always have time for you. Now he’s so damn busy with his work, his studies, his dog, his mom or his car.

5) He starts to complain without having enough personal “space”.

6) He starts to encourage you to see other people and hinting the 2 of you are not really compatible in many ways

7) He’s always secretive with his hp, as if its plated with gold.

8) He never confirms appointments with you. Its always a “see first” or “confirm later with you ok?”

9) He’s not attentive to you and his eyes wanders around

10) He appreciates his guy’s night out much more than cuddling with you(other than sex)

What about signals when he’s so in love with you?

1) He messages or calls often(when he can)

2) He will go out of the way to do something special for (at least) your birthday no matter how unromantic he is!

3) He loves to see you anytime anywhere, even if its a dinner. And you are always top priority during weekends or PH.

4) He brings you home to see his parents and most importantly, he hopes very much you click with them

5) He introduces you proudly to his friends that you are his girlfriend.

6) Loving gestures here and there. No need kisses in public but at least he would hold your hand

7) He’s protective and somewhat extra attentive when he realised you’re going out in lesser clothing or has someone wooing you

8) Whenever he sees you, that smile he has is just more heart-warming that any of his smiles. The way he speaks to you is also different from the way he speaks to other females/people

9) It hurts him as much to see you cry

10) He’ll say you’re beautiful no matter what!

Now…dont go getting paranoid about all these signals below when he has it, because they are still GUYS!

Signals which he has but doesnt mean he dont love you!

1) He forgot your favourite colour of tulips

2) He forgot you reminded him to sweep the floor just now or trivial things, meticulous stuff.

3) He dont say what is bothering him

4) He kept quiet when you nagged him forever

5) He didnt realised that you’re naked when the worldcup is on.

6) He glanced distractedly at a female who has 3/4 of her boobs visible

7) He didnt join in your complaints about an unjust incident or sickening boss but instead tell you “tomorrow will be a better day” and “dont brood about it”

8) He’s not interested in your pretty eyeshadow colours nor which lipstick looks better. (he’s more interested in the overall image you project, exclude the process of how you did it)

9) He didnt sign your purchase of your LV bag very willingly. (unless he’s f*cking rich that is. Because you know why, to them branded goods are just extravagant, impractical stuffs. He would be more willing to buy something practical for you for that price.)

10) He’s not that anxious to meet your parents nor hear the word “marriage”(unless he’s a cancerian or 35years old and above. Haha)

Of course I meant all the above pointers AFTER the dating and honeymoon period lah. Guys are always xtra duper nice when wooing you.


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