Alex & Shihui’s Wedding

Geez It was quite difficult to snap back to reality after a 2 days relaxing, romantic and blissful getaway in hotel indulgence. SO difficult. In just 4 hours time, we’re again on our way to Orchid Country Club for Alex and Huey’s wedding!!

It was held at the Social Clubhouse Grand Ballroom. I’m not very sure but perhaps they have 50tables? WOW! Hoards of people. It was a very grand, heartwarming cum funny wedding!! Haha because Alex is very comical. The morning express highlight video tossed all of us into gales of laughter. Huey looked exceptionally lovely tonight in her white, gleaming wedding gown studded with crystals and elegant orangy-yellow evening gown trimmed with black laces. And she wore the tiara I gave her. Keke. Alex looked dashing too! Huey’s sis, Zhen looked radiant and Huey’s didi, Yu looked shuai-shuai too! Everyone looked good really. Guess when one feels great, one looks great too. =D

The stage

Menu of yummies

Hoards of guests cheering on the couple on their buggy ride.

Managed to snap a pic

Damn funny for Alex broke the cork of the first Champagne! Haha!


At the foyer…My arms looked damn flabby lor…

Zhen with bf, Yu, me and dearie

Me with primary schoolmates. Pei tong primary. Oh Oh!

The pretty emcees who are teachers by the way.

Finally managed to grab a pic with the couple

I love their wedding album! The pictures were awesome. Natural, sweet and endearing. And Huey is not fat at all lah, when she complained she did not choose many pictures because she looked fat in the pictures. Girl, you are slim and you looked even slimmer in the pictures okie! I’m already thinking of borrowing the album from her to show my bridal studio that it’s the kind that I like. Lol. Maybe I can ask her whether I can have some of the soft copies. =P

The emcees, 2 of my primary school mates did a wonderful job with their eloquence and impromptu sabo of the groom, by asking him 1) to sing a song for huey, 2) to say what’s the most touching thing he has ever done for huey and vice versa. Haha. Alex broke the cork of the 1st bottle of Champagne then they opened a 2nd bottle.

The groom was also being dunked with lots of beer by his buddies.

By the time he bade us farewell after the dinner ended, he was semi-drunk and was babbling nonsense. Lol. I’m so happy for them. Sincerely wishing their marriage would last an eternity. Today marks a new journey for them. I hope they will continue to appreciate and accommodate each other as I know maintaining a marriage is not easy. As wonderful and harmonious a wedding might look, I wish behind the curtains after the wedding night, their marriage life looks the same. =)


One Response to Alex & Shihui’s Wedding

  1. huey says:

    hey girl! thanks for posting this! 😀 i’m so touched!
    glad that you enjoyed yourself that night, let me know if you need help for yours ok?

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