3rd Valentines Day

Belated Happy Valentine’s Day!! I hope everyone enjoyed this corny-but-still-romantic day with your loved ones. I’ve enjoyed mine with my significant other too. This was our 3rd time celebrating it. =D

Very tired but still have to update. Else, stuff will really pile up! As preluded by dearie, we’re to check in to a ulu, boutique hotel at Lavender unlike our usual indulgence.

Check in hotel again??


We like cannnnn. =P

So on the 13th Feb(friday the 13th), we took on our journey to Bugis to have lunch first. Actually I told him to book a fine dinner will do, in view of large cashflow this year because of the house and wedding. Instead he went to book a room. ZzZz. But he said he booked a cheap boutique hotel room only, not a very big expense.

When we drove into Bugis Junction, I suddenly remembered there’s a Intercontinental hotel there. I dont know why, but I had a strong hunch that the hotel dearie booked was Intercontinental. Hmm..but again, I’m not 100% sure. Then, we were eating when suddenly he mentioned about Intercontinental hotel itself, saying how good the hotel is, how convenient as Bugis Junction is just below it bla bla. I turned and looked at him with a knowing smile and there it was, his tell-tale blushing smile. When I asked him why he’s smiling so suspiciously, he still refused to reveal anything. Anyway I’m 90% sure he has booked Intercontinental.

Anyway, I remained passively ignorant. Finally when we’re supposed to collect our car to drive to Lavender for check in, he finally walked forward to the hotel’s reception to check in while on the way to the shared carpark.

He indeed booked Intercontinental.

Pleasant surprise!!! I think I really know him too well already….we’re both too much alike…Haha.

Here we are, our room.

一生一世? Heehee.

Complimentary, voluntary upgrade to executive suite by the staff. SO NICE of them. Perhaps it’s because it’s our first time. Or perhaps it’s because dearie booked 2 nights stay, taking advantage of the promotion; 2nd night 50% off. Another surprise! Yeah! Can stay 2 nights!

Limited pics because of limited camera zoom lens okie.



My big Sunflower. Haha. Thanks dearie.

The room is quite big with some distance to the toilet. The best part of the suite is, their toiletries are from Elemis. It’s the first time I’m using their products and I’m loving their fragrance and the way their shampoo softens my hair. And not to mention, the bed and pillows are oh-so-fluffy. We spent quite a considerable amount of time snoozing away. Cant help it!

The hotel’s location is really strategic. Imagine just 5 minutes to a shopping mall. We did some shopping and I bought some necessities and a pair of high heels from Charles & Keith. Hmm I loved the super high heels but it’s still a tadddd loose. Just a bit. It’s already size 3..but perhaps I need to find a cobbler to secure the slingback straps so that it’s tighter. Sigh. The woes of a tiny-feeted shortie.

After the shopping, we went for a show.

Movie Title: Look for a star
Ratings: 3.3/5
Comments: It failed terribly as a comedy. And the idealistic romantic notions in the show simply dont inspire me because I’m a hard cynic? Anyway, can skip the show lah. I cant see any chemistry between Andy Lau and Shu Qi. Dearie kept commented that Shu Qi is’nt pretty in the show, especially when she tried to imitate a sexy, open-mouthed look. Lol. Cant help but to agree with him. However, I find her very cute in her own ways.

After the movie, we strolled across the road to the rows of stalls beside Bugis Village which sell lots of food. We bought beef noodle soup and meaty rice from 来来 back to the hotel to eat. We also bought hot and cold desserts like tang yuan and mango sago. Heehee. We brought along our hoegarden from home too. It was a lovely night. =D

Valentine’s Day 14th Feb
We had our breakfast then went back to snooze till 3pm. Lol. Then we went Marina Square for some shopping and billard before we went Lavender to tabao chillicrab, sambal kangkong and Heineken beer back to hotel. We then watched “The House Bunny” vcd which I bought to watch on our laptops. We also surfed a little with our wireless starhub token. =D


The 2 days and nights were lovely. Thank you dear for everything. Smuacks. Love you lots. Oh We didnt have any pictures taken leh. Still find it weird to find strangers to take pictures of us, especially in the hotel.

Guess what time we checked out? 3pm!! Shiok huh! It’s such a difficult task to tear away from the fluffy pillows and bed. =( But we did because we need to attend Huey’s wedding in 4 and half hours time!! –> Next entry


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