My Sports Shoes

Shucks! 24 hours a day never seem to be enough. Not much to blog today. Few days back, Dearie bought me to eat Loy Kee’s Chicken Rice at Balestier because I want it. Their chicken rice is great! Yummy! Balestier is full of goodies. Dearie loves the steam fish at Whampoa Market too. Since Balestier Plaza is nearby, we went in to shop awhile. There was a big sports shop and I thought, “great”, because I need a pair of sports shoes. Ah yes, I played the last badminton game in my slippers. HAHA.

What a disappointment. There wasnt many pretty designs in sight. And what’s more, all dont have my sizes. I was appalled when the assistant told me every display model is already the smallest size. That couldnt be true, I thought. But it is.

However, I saw a glimpse of hope when the assistant said, “dont worry, another section got your size.”

I almost fainted when he gestured me to the CHILDREN’S SECTION, attentively showing me a row of neatly arranged kiddie’s sports shoes in assorted colours like black, red and blue.

As if totally oblivious to my muted misery, he said, “do you prefer with shoe laces or with velcro?”

Velcro…I haven seen velcro shoes since my primary school days.

I glanced at dearie.

He was trying hard to control not to laugh.

But after awhile, he “bursts”. “VELCRO shoes! WAH PIANG! Wahahaha. I really feel sad for you dear.”

Of course I didnt buy la. We went Taka and fortunately there was a sale at TAKA SQUARE. There were loads of sports shoes.

Finally I found a decent pair from FILA, only $49.90.


Pink with silver. It was the smallest size by the way, USA 5. It’s slightly big even with socks, but I guess thicker socks will do the trick.

An interesting stuff to share. I guess some guys might encounter a problem that their “sensitive 2 points” might be obvious when their shirts are too sheer or thin? If lazy to wear a singlet inside in this hot weather, they can use nipple tape! Just get it from your girlfriend!

Available from Watsons or SASA. =)



So nipple tape is not for girls only wor! Guys also can use! Hee!


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