Ktv and more gambling

Oops I forgot to blog about dearie and my ktv session the day before. Nothing much lah but I just wanna say I really do appreciate him accompanying me because I know he dont sing that much. I hope he had a great time because I did. Too long never sing, it will really get rusty. Hence I selected many slightly more difficult songs unlike my normal routine. Because, despite singing being a hobby or leisure, I’m really afraid I’m unable to sing high notes or unable to execute them accurately. After some warm up, I’m finally decent.

Haiz, the 2 most difficult songs to execute to date are still 为你而活 by 神木与瞳 and 我就是这样 by 刘力杨. The notes damn high lor. My range is usually considered higher than the norm already but theirs is really…zZzZ. The former song is totally…gosh…the female lead is awesome for she sang it with no difficulty at all, or at least it sounds smooth to me. NOW I know why some people sing on stage will “gek” till the face shrivelled up like a plum with eyes closed and mouth open big big against the mike which was held at a distance. Because it’s inevitable! When you’re trying to “gek” a 实在(not假音) note which is out of your normal manageable range(the super high range), your face will really be screwed up and it’s really easier to sing with your eyes closed(cant explained why) at that “crucial” part. It’s also important to hold your mike a distance away, else when you “gek”, your voice will be too loud.

Because it’s the first time in my life that I need to “gek” a note(without假音), and because I’m not professionally trained, all this is so new, interesting as well as challenging to me. Even dearie is very supportive, he also “gek” with me by singing the male lead’s part. HAHAHA. Wah tell you the feeling damn shiok, the feeling of “gek/shout” into the mike. Muahahaha. Despite us hurling our lungs out, we had fun.

Sigh. But still the song is still not perfect. Far from it. Sad. Wonder when can I sing it perfectly…maybe I need a teacher. =P 我就是这样 by 刘力杨 is still manageable, but the accuracy dont have a 100% rate. Sometimes good, sometimes not very good. For this song, I can manage to hit the high note but seldom did it smoothly and perfectly. Still haven find the perfect comfortable way to execute the song till it’s flawless. It’s just like driving round a curve or something.

Kbox is real greedy, charging an astronomical amount. $77 for 2 person. Duhz. JJ was around, I knew we could have sang much longer but we left around 12+am. After that we went bugis to have soy beancurd and “butterfly”, a kind of fried bun. Yummy.

This afternoon(sun) went Cel’s house for some gambling as well as Princess Bren’s birthday. I’m pretty embarrassed that I dont have time to get anything for little bren as I only knew about this on friday night. Was totally busy for these 2 days. Hence, I gave Cel some brand new Fancl products instead. Hope she dont mind. Bren was adorable. Nice cake. We also lao yu sheng. The buffet was nice too. All thanks to Cel. I lost quite a bit with blackjack and won abit in mahjiong. Overall, lost $10. Oh well~ Once again, thanks to dearie for fetching me to and fro, as he was at MIL’s house.

My eyes hurt, will stop here. Will post about the review I have for 珠光宝气(gem of life) soon when I’m free. I haven finish the series, please lor, total of 71 episodes and counting! I’m currently at 43th I think.

Movie title: Love matters
Ratings: 2.8/5
Comments: Funny here and there but..not up to expectations. Especially when most of the dialogue were spoken in Malaysian Chinese. Plot dont interest me that much too.


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