First win and more to come!

At Tra’s and Christ’s house.
Finally played my first mahjiong game during this chinese new year, and also my only mahjiong game in like 1 or 2 months? Haven played in ages. Whatever talk about people with zodiac dog cant gamble this year is totally untrue! For it’s my first gamble this chinese new year(yes I didnt even gamble at boss’s house), I won over $100+ in mahjiong and blackjack. To me it’s alot already. Ah ya I dont know exactly how much I won because the mahjiong game started in a rush and it was played in cash and not in chips. In a haste, I pulled out all my notes and put it in the drawer. And before I knew it, money were piling up. By then, it was embarrassing and not very nice to count money infront of other people especially when I won alot, so I didnt count. Tra’s relatives were all very nice. =) I played 2 rounds of mahjiong and around 10 rounds of blackjack before dearie came to fetch me. Damn funny, I kept getting aces, but only ban-luck once, 5-leng once. But I think I only lost once during that 10 games. =D

After that we went boat quay TCC to have supper, seafood aglio olio before we headed home. We watched Bride War the other day though.

Movie title: Bride War
Ratings: 4.3/5
Comments: It’s a sweet and cute comedy. I pretty much like Anne Hathaway. At first was kinda hesitant to watch it because Kate Hudson’s shows seemed to suck. But she was adorable in that show, though a little malicious. About Ann’s sabotaged skin colour, I laughed till I had tears in my eyes. You got to watch it.

Tomorrow is baby Bren’s birthday and I’m going Cel’s house for the celebration. I think it will be another gambling session. So fast and it’s sunday already. Haiz.

Gotta work again liao else someone is going to NAG at me again.


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