Finally have some time to settle down and reflect about this coming new year.

Again, the super old and irritating saying, TIME FLIES. Well, time REALLY flies LEH. For you know I’m 27 this year. *BURST INTO TEARS* I’m a 熟女!!! “Cooked” women!!! Over-cooked liao!! Hai. Think back really funny. I used to laugh(of course kindly) at Est for marrying so early at 26 because I thought what a waste for a princess as kind-hearted and sweet as her to get laid so early.

And I told myself I will not get married before 30 and mentioned I might not get married at all. Who knows…yeah…got hitched when I’m 26. I think when it comes it will just come lah. Despite I’m past 25, *sniffs into hanky*, I really appreciates all the good things which was/are in my 26+ years of life. And although I have my ups and downs but life is just like investment. If there are no downs, there will be no ups. And when they are ups, there will always be downs. I hope everyone can remember what I said because no one can have a super smooth-sailing life with ups ALL THE WAY. It’s quite impossible. Everyone of us will have our downs. It’s just HOW down it is, and how LONG they lasts. BUT they will be OVER. Just trust me. Be strong, hold your values, do more good deeds, I’m sure GOD will bless you. Now, I sound like a priest. Haha. KK.

Okie Really…I have my fair share of downs in my years. Got big got small. Perhaps the big ones may not be very big in some people’s eyes but it may also not be very small in some people’s eyes. Anyway in short, dont compare about life. Life IS UNFAIR. Just make the best of what you have and appreciates what you have. All the downs has made me realize some important things which I have overlooked as well as making me understand the beauty of appreciating what I have but has always been taking for granted. They made me a better person, though still far far far far far from perfect.

To me, the most significant changes has been from year 2005 onwards. Changed a few insignificant boyfriends as well as changed my job. I dont mean insignificant boyfriends are BAD boyfriends ok, I just mean they’re just..well, insignificant. But my career change has been a significant milestone event. Because from a giddy accounts clerk who earned a $1600 a month, I switched into a job which undoubtedly gives me a greater sense of satisfaction, a different set of meanings, more flexible working hours and importantly, many folds of my previous income. The “I” word.

Why it has been significant?

It’s just money isnt it?

Yes. But do you know it means so much more?

It means I CAN give MORE allowance to my mother instead of a pathetic $100 that I used to manage.

It means I have the means to settle my mum’s divorce case which positively drained her before it was done. Dont underestimate minor law stuff like that…I spent about $20K? Most of it are returned to dad so that we can have the house.

It means I finally can have aircon in my room.

It means I can spend without qualms and buy 10 pairs of shoes at a go.

It means I dont have to necessarily let guys treat me or send me home.

If you dont feel anything about the above, then lucky you, lucky life.

I just feel good, because I made a difference to MY life, my families’ life and many other people’s lives(via insurance), WITH my OWN hands.

And to be very very frank, I used to bio my hubby in office, despite how I dont wish to admit. Because I know he will be super yaya-papaya. *rOlls eyes*

I’m wasnt interested in him then HOR, dont anyhow think.

I just…have a certain…好感 towards him only. =P

He has a kind of charm around him that it just makes people comfortable with him. Hmm sounds familiar. Many guys also tell me that. Wahahaha.

He’s witty, humorous, knowledgeable, with a quick mind and not to mention one of the top in sales in my agency which is an elite team. Naturally he will become a newbie’s(like me) idol eh. Anyone can see he’s a good catch but nobody knows why he’s single. The only rumour I heard about him is that he’s only interested in matured ladies older than him. Naturally I interpreted as lao char bor lor since he’s already 5 years older than me. Well, I thought too bad loh, he dont know what he missed. Keke. As hubby is a senior, I seldom have chance to see him unless during trainings(when I’m super new that time). But our trainings always start so early at 10am. So every morning he only got to see my nodding head drooling saliva because I always dozed off. I guess that’s why he never woo me. Argh!

On and off I got a few boyfriends but all didnt work out.

Somehow we met up, first in a group, and after that, alone. Then we slowly hooked up together. MUAHAHAHA. Dont misunderstand though, I was single all along okie. 1 leg 2 ships is never my style. And hor and hor, I want to clarify is he LIKES me FIRST one okie. Because at that point of time, not that I dont like him, is I haven like him enough YET to want to commit myself because I just came out from a relationship and was having a hell of a fun time being single. But anyway, shortly after(3months I think), HAHA, we also came together as a couple. Then after we’re together, he confessed he likes me around 6months ago but I was attached. So he’s pretty happy that I broke up la! And he would have confessed if he didnt sense I hinted I dont want a relationship then. Haha. Okie lah I know I mentioned this before, but I happy mah, so repeat. =P

Fast-forward to now, yeah, we’re happily married. Still short of a lovely home sweet home, but we will handle that soon. =) And surprisingly, while I’m now recounting, recollecting on my past year events and all the romantic, steamy notions that I have of my future husband….It all seemed to match. =D

I mentioned the following before, some affirmatively, some carelessly, that I would love my husband to be
1) Preferably at least 5 years older.
2) Mature, Smarter, more knowledgeable, earns more than me(hopefully more than 100K per annum). That’s why *refer to 1*
3) Witty, humorous, smart, but not too nerdy(else boring) or too naughty(else he flirt). So must be a mixture of 乖乖 and 坏坏. Keke.
4) able to click with me and have no boring moments ever.
5) A Sagittarius (born from November 22-December 21)
6) Flawless fair complexion and body no where even near “plump”

It’s almost amazing. I might have said these out loud or wrote them in my old blog now and then but in my heart I knew what I want though I seldom faced them because I couldnt and DONT believe that one can actually find her dream guy as a husband! As you know life is not like a fairytale and there were sayings, even by my mum, that one can never marry her dream guy. And I always thought I can and should settle for less even there’s no such thing as a perfect love with a perfect guy bla bla.

But it’s possible!! The Law of Attraction truly exists! Subconsciously, I have been searching and finding that perfect man. Which is why I tend to inquire a guy’s horoscope as well as his age. And when he fits the bill, *wink wink* Haha.

Okie NOW, before that silly husband of mine has his EGO BURST IN FULL BLOOM, I regret to inform that, haiz, I should have state my list LONGER with more positive attributes! I should have said I want my guy to be sensitive and more caring too, better with a nice set of teeth! But alas because all my ex-boyfriends has been pretty sensitive and caring(they’re just not mature or smart enough), that’s why I did not include those in the list. So sometimes I’m really exasperated and couldnt quite ACCEPT the fact that I have SUCH a buay zi dong, insensitive hubby because I was all along treated with much care and concern! Sigh.

So girls, remember to state your list LONGER with ALLL the attributes you want and say them out loud anyway anytime. And dont hesitate when opportunity knocks. You will find your dream guy if you want it bad enough. The Law Of Attraction is very obedient, they will find for you if you really say out loud. =)

Hubby, I love you. Muahhhhh~~~


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