Meet up with dear ser for a dinner. It’s ages since we met! The girl was looking as hot and sexy as ever. Haha.

Actually dearie and I reached earlier at around 6+pm. As we were hungry, so we ate first. Not many restaurants in sight.

We had our dinner at The Pasta Shop By Sakae in Wheellock place. Dearie has clam chowder while I had mushroom tofu miso soup. The soup are too over-priced already at $7.90, especially mine. Top up $1 I can have lobster bisque at The White Dog Cafe at Vivo liao. Especially when mine is just a normal miso soup with mushrooms. Eh, it doesnt look like the picture nor the description at all leh. It was said to be a very “wonderful” soup like that..who knows it’s just salty miso soup. Dearie’s clam chowder was yummy though it tasted more like potatoe soup than clam chowder. Clams were plentiful.

After the soup, we were like abit full liao. Haha So we ordered a pasta and share. Spicy Oglio Olio with prawns. And we topped up $3 for 4 scallops. It came with 3 or 4 prawns. The weird thing was it doesnt taste like Oglio Olio, despite it very spicy true to it’s name. It’s very salty too because it was filled with the salty 紫菜. So overall, I dont like it very much. After that we went Borders. When Ser reached, then I met her again at The Pasta Shop.

Her pasta was much nicer le. Scallops with asparagus, added with plenty of cheese and chilli flakes. Surprisingly, I tasted abit and realised THAT tasted like Aglio Olio. ZzZz. I ordered a tiramisu. The portion was huge but rum taste not strong enough. We chatted for very long till dearie joined us. We went Ballymoon for some cocktails and snacking of my favourite bacon-wrapped bratwurst. Ser only drank one mango daiquiri and became as red as a lobster. Haha. I had Snowball instead while dearie had Shirley Temple. After that, we sent Ser home and we reached home around 12midnight bah.

Although I feel I dont have much luck in gambling, somehow I
feel if CNY dont gamble abit, doesnt feel like New Year leh. Rey got messaged me for MJ but ultimately short 1 leg. Perhaps other days bah since CNY got 15 days. But think need to stick to weekends already as most started working. I really haven play MJ very long le leh..Haiz…and dearie said next time new house cant play…so I shall play while I still can loh…….Haizzzz……


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