We had a great night out yesterday. We first went temple for prayers, cum pray for my 犯太岁. Then after we went bai nian at MIL’s place, dearie and me went Jurong Point for InkHeart. Before that, MIL cooked a sumptuous abalone mee sua for us to eat too. Yum Yum.

Movie title: InkHeart
Ratings: 3.9/5
Comments: I feel it’s so so lah…perhaps not very much into fantasy movies like this. And from the beginning of the movie where the daughter Maggie didnt stay in the car by her dad’s orders when danger fell, I just knew she will a pain in the ass later on. It’s proven true later. Kids..blearh…okie..we need her truancy so that the plot can go on.

Because the stupid movie started 20minutes later, it disrupted my timing and hence I arrived late despite dearie drove me to Centrepoint to meet my girls. Thanks my dear.

We had mostly beer at IceColdBeer. Crowded. Thank god we got a table though. BUt the kitchen was closed. Awwww! Kat, Gra and Kel all had Hoegarden white while I had Stella Artois since they’re going 1 for 1 with HSBC card. I’m loving HSBC card!

But I love UOB Visa Platinum more. Being bugging dearie to sub me one, but he said, “you already got the CITIBank liao hor!” But but but, I dont have UOB mah. Moreover I got 2 CITI cards, the DIVIDEND was subbed by dearie while I have my own TANGS card for the 10% rebates. The dividend card did nothing for me leh since the cheque of the dividends go to dearie. =P And I want Platinummmmmmm. It really came in VERY handy during PH because we got priority queue to buy movie tickets! If not for that, it was impossible to get seats for InkHeart with the ultra long queue. And the good thing is, the card offers priority in queue, but we still can use OCBC card for discounts for GoldenVillage tickets. Really saves alot in the long run.

Too bad dearie already subbed the 1st complimentary plat for MIL and 2nd one will costs $90 in subscription fee unless I swiped a specific amount. Sigh. MIL said she only used that card twice a year. What a waste. That card offers many free entries to the clubs leh…and many discounts with drinks..not to mention restaurants and all that..Haizzzz…….Can I exchange the CITI Dividend for the UOB Visa Plat with MIL? =P

Okie back to topic. So 2 glasses of Stella only cost $11. What a steal. I sound damn auntie. Lol. Moreover, the beer is good. It tastes just like Carlsberg. Oh and I bought 1 cheongsum along for Kat to change and she looked great in it. Haha and we took pictures with her camera in our cheongsums as I did not bring mine. But Gra and Kel never wear cheongsums lah. Though they looked great too. It was alittle boring in Icecold because they have no dice nor cards. What’s exasperating was there was this pathetic guys who held on to 2 sets of dice and just refused to let us play even though nobody was playing it!

Okie fine lor. We thought he will really play it with his friends later but the guy was obviously left alone at the table. Perhaps out of self-consciousness about how we’re, no, about how I’M bitching about him holding it selfishly to the dice. He began to shake the dice and then peered at them, then shaked again then peered again, dont know for WHAT manz?! WAH PIANG. And I told the girls, “OH MY GOD, SEE, he’s playing the dice with HIMSELF!” And we laughed like hell. Okie after sometime, his friends finally reached and guess what, they started to play POKER CARDS while still holding on to the dear dice. WAH! What a loser really. And no wonder he looked like one. =P

We stayed from 9pm till 12am I think before Kat went to meet her other friends. The 3 of us went Boatquay for second round where we had more beer. =.= Heineken.

It’s our first time in that ktv pub call 10th Dimensions. The boss was a chubby guy called Lawrence who came to introduce himself. Thanks for the sotong balls treat though. Yes we satisfied our unfulfilled cravings of chicken wings there too! We simply TORE into them. Haha. And 1 very funny thing was, while I was singing hor, I nearly choked with laughter with words like “This girl got a very sweet voice” throttling across the TV screen. Muhahahaha. The girls laughed too. Then after awhile, ” 这女孩唱得真不赖喔!” started to throttle across the screen again. Damn funny lah.

Gra left at 2+am while Kel and me left around 4am. Gra got a cab easily at 2+am so I was very shocked when there wasnt a cab in sight when we needed them desperately at 4am!! We walked out to the streets and horror, the streets were filled with people who were flagging for taxis or else calling for cabbies on their cellphones. To add on to our anxiety was a semi-drunk man who insisted to send me home by stalking us all the way from the pub to the streets. Arrghhh!

GOD heard my prayers! For despite so many people were waiting by the roadside, somehow a cab just stopped infront of me where people flooded out. I quickly signaled to Kel and half pushed her into the cab as many people were “bio-ing” our cab with evil intentions already. Lol. After I sent her home, I was actually abit scared because the drunk man and his gang were still around and hell knows when can I get so lucky again where a cab can stop infront of me! =((( So I tried to calm myself though thinking…”die le…die le this time…dont know what time can get home…must I really call dear to fetch…but even he come also need 45mins hour to reach..”, sheesh. I then walk faster further away from that gang.

I walked walked walked further down while anxiously engaged on the phone with Prime Taxis for booking. And suddenly ANOTHER CAB STOPPED INFRONT OF ME AGAIN! Out flooded a group of angmor guys. Relief flooded all over. I thank GOD for hearing my prayers! I know it’s “Godfather” who’s watching over me! =D So I stepped into the cab and wanted to close the door. Then suddenly a hand stopped the door from closing and it’s that scary guy again who offered to send me home. I think I’m really scared to death liao, for I just mouthed a “I can go home myself” then I snapped the door closed where he removed his fingers in shock from the door. I would have trapped his fingers if he didnt remove fast enough. Haha. Anyway, after I slammed the door shut, I locked the door and just screamed at the driver to drive away.

Phew. Oh Ya I did called dearie and he wanted to come fetch me. But I woke him up from a sleep and I felt it’s not safe for him to drive so I told him I will try to get a cab. If failed, then I will call him. Kel overheard my conversation and mentioned we’re so similar as her SO(significant other) also offered to fetch but she declined. She said we’re just one-of-a-kind. Haha. It felt so good to reach home, thanks to the fast drive. It felt especially good when I realised dearie has swept the floor of my room for me as well as cleared the dustbin today while I’m out though he’s asleep like a pig when I got home. Thanks dear.

It’s exactly 5am after I stepped out from my shower. =D


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  1. V!yond says:

    Hi hi, Fion… I felt this photographer not bad…if u dun mind can take a look…

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