New year resolutions?

Movie title: All’s well ends well 2009
Ratings: 4.3/5
Comments: I didnt expect much with this director because I watched his films before. But it was quite a funny show lah, with a reasonable plot. That’s all it requires for a comedy. Wu Jun Ru is always funny. =)

I’m now watching Gem Of Life(zhu guang bao qi) on the web. Shant reveal where liao. Because dont know why everytime after I revealed the source, then the site dont work liao. Call it superstitious or what lah. Happens few times liao. It’s a pretty nice show, especially got my fave Ada Choi. Shao Mei Qi and Gigi Lai are very good actresses too. Of course there are still Moses and Bowie Lam who are very good actors. Got 66 episodes though. ZzZz. Actually I’m halfway into The drive of Life(sui yue feng yun) too, hope I got the English title correct. But I just cant seem to finish it, kinda boring leh so my watching speed abit slow. So sorry to hog Ir’s disc so long, arggghhh, I will return soon.

Haven really sit down to think about my resolutions. Rather half-hearted, to be frank. Anyway, I got this new resolution that I will always stick to.

I will never ever lend money to friends(apart from best friends) again.

Because they hardly got returned, despite promised to be returned by a specific time frame. Usually small amounts, I also dont want to bother about it so much but this time round, it’s quite a big amount, to me. Despite the voluntary promise that it will be returned in a week, I’ve only asked for it after 3-4 months. I’m not in any way rich, just have some cash to spare only. And I’m always very particular about owing people money or letting people owe money before the Chinese New Year. And when promises are not being kept again and again, messages and calls are not returned, it’s just disappointment again and again. But FYI, I dont bomb people’s handphone. I only messaged once and called once. Since they’re not returned, then forget it.

The sole reason I lend the money is because I know this particular person has a baby to feed. I dont want a BABY to have an empty stomach, with no milk to drink. Otherwise, I will never lend money to this particular person who always spend his or her money on branded goods despite his or her low earning power. I really dont understand this group of people. Haiz.

Such people shouldnt be parents at all. I really pity his or her baby.

They say money hurts feelings, it’s really true. But my disappointment is not because the money is not returned. It’s because everytime I’m told “I will return by this week. I’ll return $100 first tomorrow.” but it never happens. All are lies. I hold promises dearly. I rather I’m being told, “I cant return now, can return next month when I got my pay?” That, I can accept, I can accept very well. Tell me the truth, instead of bullshitting me again and again.

Another new year resolution will be probably, I will stop treating unappreciative people extra nice again. But I cant be sure this resolution will be followed through because I’m such a softie at heart. I just wish to give, I’m more of a “give” than “take” person. For example, it’s my wish to store every single friend’s or colleague’s birthday and just wish them happy birthday every year, even when I’m not very close with some of them. That’s why sometimes some of them are charmingly surprised and some will ask me who am I. Haha. But I just feel happy when they’re happy to receive the wishes. Of course I dont mean I send to strangers lah, all are people I know. But perhaps not super well lah. Er if I dont send you sms on your birthday, I probably DONT KNOW when is your birthday. Else, I will put them in my handphone to remind me every year.

Back to topic, I also dont know why I want to treat the few unappreciative ones nicely when they’re not appreciative at all. Most of them are clients actually. Some think that I just want to curry favor them or something. But common lor, I treat all clients the same, no matter you got money or not. And please dont think I treat people nice is because I want people to appreciate me nor I want people to feel grateful to me. NO. I expect nothing in return, but that doesnt mean I dont even enjoy the basic courtesy and good social etiquette. Anyway, I’m lazy and also dont wish to elaborate much here lah because if you’re my friend, you will understand me, if you’re not, you simply wont.

Some might muse out loud, “chey I also didnt ask you to treat me nicely nor so well, you ownself willingly do it one, I also didnt force you.” *clap clap* Very well said! Just imagine, you, treating someone you cared about nice and that person mouth to you “chey I also didnt ask you to treat me nicely nor so well, you ownself willingly do it one, I also didnt force you.” Hmmmm……how that feels? I haven heard that before but I guess it hurts huh. On a mean note though, I always believe what goes around comes around. It’s okay not to appreciate anyone or me for that matter, but believe Karma or not, there will be someone else out there whom you care and love, who dont appreciate you just like the way you dont appreciate other people.

When that happens, you will realised it’s your karma~

I always prefer people to owe me than me owing people. Because that’s such an uneasy feeling. Off hand I cant think of anyone whom I owe apart from my parents and my hubby. Perhaps some really nice suitors. But as I’m not the kind who will lead people on for my own advantage, I dont think I owe them alot, perhaps just a few meals bah or a few small gifts. No diamonds or handphones whatever lah. =P As for clients, *think hard*. NO. I really dont feel I owe them in any way because I have NEVER because of my own benefits to con people to buy policies from me despite how a particular person has spread rumours about me. MY CONSCIENCE IS CLEAR. If any client dont believe me, it’s okay, I know GOD believes me, that my intentions has been kind from the start. =)

I’m sorry that some investments might be suffering a loss right now but who are actually making money now? Nobody. Even myself suffered losses. So we all just have to WAIT for the economy to recover, which I believe it will, it just takes time.

Perhaps I owe my 3years ex bf bah. He used to love me alot and treated me like a princess while I totally took him for granted. Well, I guess I got my retribution. He two-timed me and I got dumped rather heart-brokenly. Although, to me, what he did was rather understandable and not unpardonable. I’m really really bad lah that time. But, I also suffered alot when we broke up, so perhaps I also didnt owe him thatttt much lah since I “paid” back alittle.

I can never return my parents’ kindness enough. Dont think I need to elaborate why. As for my hubby, well, he has been tolerating my occasional tantrums and harsh tones all the time. Eh sorry, am trying hard to control the tone I speak. This will be my new year resolution too!

Anyway, I’m very glad the unappreciative people are not the very important people in my life and I’m glad the most important people in my life, mummy and hubby appreciates me, as well as some best friends. And I appreciates them and loves them much too. =) My bros dont appreciate me much though. Hope they understand when they get older and use their insurance money wisely. Much of my pay goes there. =S

Side note; (I dont really care if colon should be used this way OK)
My stupid hubby hor, did a horrible thing to me today!

First, he messaged me “miss you yun yun”. Mushy lah I know. It’s the first time he called me thatttt though. Of course I messaged the essentials back, which is, “I miss you too xiaohong”. Okie it’s meant to be funny, his chinese name got a hong lah. But his name is not sissy at all lah, I deliberately called him this way. Okie before you puke to death, let me finish.

Right after that “miss you” message, and right after I’ve replied, I received another message, ‘sorry send wrongly” from him.

Chao turtle! I know it’s one of his tricks again but really cant take it off my chest. So I picked up my phone and want to scold him upside down. he was laughing when he answered the call.



Zao wan gei ta qi si……….

I re-read the entry and realised it was a pretty sensitive entry. But I’m lazy to edit it as some are not sensitive issues. Rather than password locking it, I’m leaving it.


One Response to New year resolutions?

  1. Ser says:

    Gal, I’m finally having my long (6days) break from today till next Thurs. Resuming work on Fri onwards. See if ya free to meet up any day ya! Happy CNY to U in advance sweetie! =D

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