Greedy people are such a turn-off

I really feel like leaving a comment at to tell the owner HOW CRAZY I think of the pricing she has of her items.

I think many brides have the same frustration as I do, that is, every SINGLE, SIMPLE little thing has been doubled or even tripled on pricing just because they’re associated with weddings. The same quote got passed all around, “it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing”, followed by fake smiles by the promoters, whoever is trying to fleece your money. YAH, it is a once-in-a-lifetime-thing for ME but it’s not going to be a once-in-a-lifetime-thing for YOU. You’re not going to DIE after doing whatever favour you’re going to do for me. You will still continue your business WITH OTHER COUPLES after me right? So there’s no right to super-overcharged me just because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime-thing for me unless you’re super renowned for your work and has some sort of branding. Even the prices of paintings by mediocre artists only soar highly after they DIE and not when they’re still alive and still continue to paint and paint.

On the contrary, I can accept exorbitant prices of hotel rooms, or flowers or travelling during peak or festive seasons like Valentines day etc BECAUSE for these businesses, their main income sources are from these festive seasons. You hardly see hotels being fully filled up on normal days. They’re usually only 10-20% full on normal days and just imagine the costs of overhead and fixed costs for mere maintenance. And people seldom buy flowers too, unless for red or white events. So the higher prices during peak seasons are actually essential for their survival. I can totally understand.

BUT, it’s not the case for weddings what. WHOLE YEAR ROUND also got weddings, like several hundreds in a year. It doesnt have a peak or non-peak season. When couples divorced, they’re likely to re-marry and have ANOTHER wedding. Rebirth, recycle, re-use, I think of it this way. So there’s no excuse you dont have enough wedding couples to earn your money from! So stop fleecing poor brides like me!

Makeup, photography are pretty subjective and depends on your needs. Because as a make-up person, I know how important is makeup and how makeup can change the way you look. As for photography, need I say, different photographers can capture different things. Therefore I have nothing much to say for people who can splurge alot on makeup and photography, we just have different needs and expectations. But I grudgingly, devilishly do hope Kel Koh business drop. Why? Because dammit, his clients are spoiling the photography market big time with their indulgence of $6000-$8000 per actual day shoot by Kel Koh. That is like, for 10hours only. Nahz, anyway he should earned enough lah. Of course as for whether his work is worth that price or not, it’s very subjective because photography is a very personal thing.

BUT, back to topic, charging $50 for a mere angbao box with no more than a few pathetic crystals and 3D flowerart sticked onto it is plain RIDICULOUS!!

Craftsmanship? I didnt see anything more difficult to do for a 5 year old kid. In the name of art? Nope, I didnt see any beautifully painted swans or lovely phoenix being sewed on. Materials? They’re just common CHEAP stuff which you can get. Oh please dont think Swarovski crystals are very expensive. I just got 4 packets of 72pieces each from a spree at $3+ per packet. I dont even remember the exact price because it’s so cheap.

So, what, just stick 7 pieces of crystals onto a lousy pen will deem it worthy with a price tag of $7($15 for 2)?? Are they even PILOT pens?

And such a simple guestbook sprinkled with coloured dust coupled with 2 stick figurines of the couple’s head cut out from photo plus some sticked-on flowers, she want to sell it at $60?? Precious Moment Guestbook also only $20+ lor.

Ha. Sweet lace confetti cones, what a nice name.

What the X?X is those confetti cones made from coloured paper with sticked-on lace and some silly stickers? $15 for 6? Put candies inside will turn GOLD huh?

Reallyyyyyyyyy feel like smacking her head. 简直是异想天开! Dont know who will buy lor. The only comment she got was for asking quotation because price wasnt stated. OB quack.

Seriously, either she CANT COUNT(her maths most probably fail), or else she’s terribly GREEDY! I’m really very sick of such people. People who spend little effort on their stuff and dream on selling for a high profit. She dont EVEN have a basis to back up. At least Kel Koh have a basis for his pricing. and of course he’s an award-winning photographer too.

And hor, these lousily kneaded clay figurines, they looked exactly like those life-sized paper figurines which people burn for the DEAD, GOOD HEAVENS! And she’s charging $50 for them. OH MY GOD, something must be terribly wrong with her eyes and taste for she called them “cute”!

I really dont know what the hell she’s up to. $15 for 6. These bubble bottles need to tie ribbon meh? Then what, tie ribbon liao then can sell at a high price for profit? Wah lau. If you want a high profit, anyone with brains also wont buy because it’s practically tying those bottles with ribbons only! And if she set a low price, how much profit can she possibly make?

It really reminds me of bo liao people who sell stationary like liquid paper la or pens lah at Ebay. I saw them when I was surfing for gloves. They’re selling like $1 or $2 but who will buy? Alamak, if buy still have to top up for postage, is it even worth it or not? If selling price is $1 or $2, can make how much profit leh? And even if it’s realllyyyy cheaper, with all the trouble just for a pen or liquid paper….I wonder who will buy? Arloz, if so, the person who will be interested to buy must be damn broke lah and cant afford internet at all la! I might be really crude, but sometimes, sigh, I dont understand how the brains of these people work sometimes. ZzZz. Why not just give them away, isnt it better and simpler?

It’s not that angbao boxes, wedding pens, or ring stands etc CANNOT be sold at a price of $30, $50 or above. Of course they can! BUT they must be worthy of that price! Just look at those pictures, those of the guestbook or angbao boxes. They’re SO COMMON, who cares if they’re 1-of-a-kind or customizable? The design is just not very understanding, it’s merely passable. So why would I care to have a very ordinary design which is 1-of-a-kind in Singapore or the whole world for that sake? Yes, for such a mediocre design being sold at such a price, if I really buy it, then I’m really “1-of-a-kind-world-class-idiot”.

Just wait and watch. My angbao box will certainly surpasses hers in any way and I’m gonna do it myself. *smirks*


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