Happy 2nd Pa-tor anniversary

Mmmmmm….life is so beautiful. =) Am sipping the Chardonnay dearie bought from the DFS when we touched down on friday. Today, or rather yesterday was actually our 2nd year pa-tor anniversary. We opened the bottle at 1+am, and guess what, he only drank 1 glass and that’s it. Always leaving me to finish it, that turtle. We did not celebrate at all. At first I thought, nahz, why not combine with Vday then celebrate together, else so troublesome. But when I think again, I realised it’s a bad idea! Especially when everything is expensive and everywhere is crowded on Vday. Nahz, we’re see how then. I’m not very enthu also if I need to squeeze with hoards of couples.

Anyway, time flies.To think we’ve only together for 2 years but yet, already together for 2 years. It’s a mixture of feelings for I felt as if we’ve been through alot together for very long, but yet at the same time, it feels as if we still have a long way of greater happiness awaiting us. 🙂 Why we feel like lao fu lao qi(lazy to celebrate anniversary), but yet experience none of the boredom which most couples experienced? We cant dont celebrate our anniversary AT ALL but yet be perfectly cheery and happy at home sipping wine and watching “Twilight” on web. =) I dont know what’s gonna happen in future but I’m glad for now, we dont need lavish or romantic stuff to keep our loving relationship going.

Sometimes, I really have this thought. The person whom you can experience total fulfillment, happiness, and wholesomeness with little or zero cost and without s*x(lol), is the best person whom you can spend your life with. NOT that I meant s*x is bad for relationship lah of course. It’s another level of bringing the closeness between 2 together and another…*ahem* wonderful hobby which 2 can share. But obviously, if 2 person can only be happy with s*x involved or only with lavish outings or dinners and totally unsatisfied without s*x, then something is also wrong. =P Just think about it. =)

Okie enough of mushy stuff. I’m meeting the girls on chu 1 26th. Jy is now enjoying her birthday(oh yes happy birthday my darling) at Bali with her hubby. Dil arranged a surprise trip for her, aint that sweet? Well, she said most probably she cant make it on chu 1. Nevermind we’ll have other chance. I’m mostly free for new year as I dont need to bai nian, other than chu 4, the gathering at my boss’s place. I know many friends are organizing gambling dens at their house and wished me to go, but hmm…I’m not so much of a gambling person. Moreover, I dont have alot of luck in gambling. Mahjiong now and then is only for leisure.

I’m thinking of planning a 3 hours gaming session at Settlers Cafe with the girls on Chu 1, followed by drinking at boat quay area since it’s nearby. Kel is salivating for drinks already, given the fact she finally has given birth. HAHA. Or so she said. And I’m bugging all the girls to wear cheongsum that day! Aint that cool? Oh pleaseeeee it will be so cool if all 4 of us wear cheongsums on Chu 1! HAHA. But so far only Kat more onz leh(though she dont have cheongsum, she might buy or borrow mine). Kel have cheongsum one, but dont know if she’s gonna wear it. Gra dont have cheongsum at all. Haiyo! Nevertheless, I’m still gonna wear mine! Call me vain or what! I dont have many chance to wear anyway. =P

During my goalsetting in Macau, I had an interesting lesson. We always have much to learn during our goalset and this time around, we learnt the “Law of Attraction”. I believe some of you who ever cruised in Borders or any bookshops will come across a book called “The Secret”.

If you haven read the book, I shall solve your curiosity and tell you the so-called “Secret”.

The “secret” lies in “The Law of Attraction”.

We actually watched a pretty long 45mins(already summarised) video but it’s basically repeating the same thing. That is, always think of the things you want instead of the things you dont want.

For example, instead of thinking about, “I dont want to be late. I mustnt be late. If I’m late, I might suffer”, think about “I will reach on time. I will be punctual. The traffic will be smooth.” Because the theory lies about each and every one of us has a power, an energy(neng2 liang4) within us and we can attract all the stuff we want if we want it badly enough. The problem with most people is, they always think about the things they’re afraid of, the things they wish to avoid, and the things they dread all the time. Like, “I dont wish to go to work”, “I hate my boss”, I dislike my job”, “The guys I met are all bad” etc. In the law of attraction, the more you think about the negative things above, the more you will attract them.

In the clip itself, they also showed an artist who always paint solo figures in his works while he always longed to have a partner of his own, to have a relationship together. Somehow a fengshui master talked to him(both are angmor by the way) and she told him if she want to have a relationship, he ought to paint it out. Because his inner desires are in conflict of his outer wall, which are the paintings he painted. True enough, shortly after he started to paint pictures of couples, he got a girlfriend and eventually got married.

It’s up to you to believe the law of attraction. But the above scenario reminded me of something. Long time ago, my mum used to tell me not to put pictures of myself solo in my room when I’m single, because that wont attract guys into my life. Instead, I should put group pictures or something. I used to laugh at her logic, LOUDLY. Haha. And I also heard her encouraging her friend who has been yearning babies all those while to put portraits of babies in the house, as well as to go ahead to buy babies clothings. An even more intense approach would be, to adopt a child. It was said that all these will attract arrival of real babies. It seemed it does work as my grandma finally bore 4 sons after the first 5 daughters.

So it seemed all these myths actually fell into place side by side. There are 3 rules to the laws of attraction.

1st: Ask
Say out what you really want, really yearn. Or write out, paint it out. The universe will listen to your desires.

2nd: Believe
Believe that you can get what you yearn. Keep that thought in mind.

3rd: Receive
Respond and react as if you have already owned what you have. E.g, go ahead and buy babies clothings even when you’re not pregnant when you wish for a baby.

There are of course other laws, such as, “when opportunity strikes, ACT.” Meaning, you also cant sit by and do nothing and expect money to fall on you. You still need to work hard yah.

And another law requires you to be appreciative of what you have, everything, everytime. =)

Think about 3 things you appreciate everyday and you will make your life a better one. =)

My appreciation for today
1) thanks to dearie for ferrying me to TPY and back
2) thanks to dearie to accommodate my lousy temper on the way there because my stomach is not feeling well
3) thanks to mummy for preparing a wonderful meal with fried drumsticks, braised lean meat, fishball soup!

Love ya all!

Oh forgot to review 3 movies

Movie title: Red cliff 1
Ratings: 4/5
Comments: I thought it started a little slow, but it gets more exciting behind

Movie title: Red Cliff 2
Ratings: 4.6/5
Comments: You can very well watch part 2 without watching part 1. Not a super big linkage. Part 2 is way more exciting and engaging.

Movie title: Rachel’s getting married
Ratings: 2.7/5
Comments: If you like to know how a wedding takes place with the westerners in western countries, this is the movie to watch. But it’s so damn boring, waste my money. And Ann dont even look chio inside, so much so I have NOTHING to distract myself with.


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