Hongkong/Macau goalsetting trip

I’m still so deadbeat after much sleep. =.= This Macau/Hongkong trip is like the most tiring trip out of all the traveling I ever had because everything was so rushed. Goalsetting has always been tiring but this was by far the most tiring. It was very very cold, around 10degrees. As the tickets were booked by my company people, and because the main purpose of the trip was for our goalsetting, the itinerary was not to our wishes except for some own-leisure hours. Everything was arranged, we just had to follow, even after goalsetting has ended.

I’m deadbeat even after I’m back was because apart from unpacking our huge luggage, Vickki had a bruise-like bleeding wound on her head. And because appointments were full at the vet at holland V, we had to rush her to the vet at Vivo city. Apparently the bleeding was caused by her own scratching due to the rashes. The vet prescribed some medicine to wash her wound and apply, what’s most important was the booster collar which she has to wear around her neck. It looks like a speaker kinda thing surrounding her head so that she’s unable to scratch her head as well as preventing her from licking the medication cream.

Right after Vickki was settled, Dearie suddenly suffered a major intense pain in his lower back. Sigh. It was so bad till he has trouble walking. I experienced that before, it’s really damn painful. Fortunately I still had 2 tubes of pain relieving cream for muscle pains from the last episode(apparently I see 2 doctors and both gave me cream to relieve pain only.) I even sticked on the Tiger Plaster for him on his lower back. He got better today but nevertheless we went to see doctor. The doctor gave him painkillers and more plasters. =.= As you know, while he’s having this backpain, I am his maid through and through, SO I’M VERY TIRED!! The worse thing is I’m also having migraine I think, for this headache pestered me since the last day at HK till now for many many hours. Sigh.

The trip was very fun just that I’m not really in the mood to write now as I’m still having the headache.

Day 1: Macau
After checked in to Casa Real hotel for 20minutes, our team bonding game started, i.e, THE AMAZING RACE.

It was loads of fun. We were divided into groups. My group consisted of Kel, his gf QQ, Dav, Shen, Jeff and Angi. It’s the first time I got to know Kel’s gf QQ. She’s such a sweet, gorgeous and accommodating lady. We are the SPEEDY RHINOS.


Our group leader was Dav and the game organizer were EC and Pat. The game required us to go to these 4(choose 4 out of the 5 picked) destinations and per destination we need to choose 4 out of the 5 activities stated within that location, e.g, eat icecream or eat eggtarts or visit the temple etc. Every team member must be present to do the activities and our picture must be taken together with our team banner at the exact location. Order of the destinations has also been prefixed and we must travel according to the order. The 5 hours has been super tiring but fruitful for the places we visited were the places of interest like Senado Square议事亭前地(邮政总局, 柠檬车露icecream, 文化会馆), St Paul大三巴(信诚港澳西装城, Sandwich Expert, 大三巴牌坊, 哪咤庙), Stop:Praia Manduco下环(Macau发源地, 下环街市, 礼品庄, Macau tower->Edison百万 Bungy Jump). The icecream and eggtarts we ate were famous as well as delicious. Some pictures.





As the powerpoint was done with my laptop, the pictures were already in the laptop so it’s easy to post them. I’m too lazy to post those pictures in my camera. =P I looked damn tired and cui in the pictures because I was without makeup. Anyway, this trip we took very few pictures other than the compulsory ones, because we were simply too tiring and too rush already.

We only finished 3 out of 4 destinations though, not enough time and we were too tired to carry on too. 5 hours OK!! The last destination was also very out of the way. Thank god cabbing were easy and cheap in Macau, even then, we walked quite a fair bit. Heng I’m not vain enough to wear high heels like Eil. Keke. Else I will just DIE with all the uphill and downhill slopes. Only 1 group finished all the destinations but even they didnt get champion because the judges said it depended on how our powerpoint slides of our pictures, the whole teamwork, the presentation bla bla. Nahz anyhow, I’m just glad we enjoyed the game lah.

After the game, some of them went ZHu hai for some shopping. But dearie and me surrendered. Simply cant walk anymore. We settled with some of our colleagues for a simple dinner nearby, damn also around 20minutes of walk although the hotel staff say “it’s so near, just walk straight.” Asshole. I feel the food are so-so.

And anyway, was told by colleagues who went Zhu Hai they didnt buy much at all because only 1 hour shopping only after their dinner there as the transport alone took around 1hour already. And they needed to be back by 11pm to do the powerpoint slides for the teambonding game next morning.

Day 2: Macau, Goal setting day
8am to 10.30pm Goal set
14.5 hours!!!!!!!!!!
Including 2 teabreaks of 20minutes and a 45minutes dinner only!
After that we went Venetian Casino as I’ve never been a real big ass casino before. The small tiny one at Vietnam not counted.

Venetian is really HUGE and glamorous. I think it consists of a few football fields, the buildings were a beautiful pastal shades of soft colours, designed like a fairytale castle. Most of the buildings in Macau surprisingly looked colonial. How good if I can have my photoshoot there. There are lots of 5 storey high highway bridges in Macau. Looked pretty scary to me as I’m afraid the bus can just fall off the bridge. Ya lah I think too much.

Hmm the casino has lots of gambling stalls, we dont understand most of them. So we only settled at the easiest-to-play stall, and that is, Big VS Small, Da4 Xiao3. To sum up, I lost $100+ while dearie won $200+. I very suay lah. =( We gambled at the same stall, can you imagine? The stall has a very pretty predictable pattern but everytime I bet, it went haywire. Even the host will look at me as if I’ve saved her from losses, before that she was looking green. After the 3rd loss, I gave up. Instead, I asked dearie to bet instead, big or small, or the total points(it came out 8 for a few times) or a particular dice(e.g, number 1 will come out). And he won alot, though after that when we thought about it, we should double our bet everytime we won. Nevermind la, got win can liao.

Day 3: Hongkong, Causeway Bay
After ferry to Hongkong and checking in Metropark Mongkok hotel, we went to have lunch. It’s was such a good one at a restaurant which serves a 8 course dinner or so. Got suckling pig, roast goose(shao1 er2), fried prawns-on-bread, roast chicken, stir fry dou miao. It’s all very yummy, got standard! Then we went Causeway Bay for shopping shopping shopping. As I’ve been to Jian1 Sha1 Zui3 before, I chose to go Causeway Bay to shop instead.
After that we went The Peak, namely Victoria Peak by the tram for dinner with all. The view was very nice though I’ve seen the day look before. We ate at an Italian restaurant called Simpatico. With soup, half spring chicken. Pretty yummy.
After the dinner, we went Lan Kwai Fong. Finally saw how Lan Kwai Fong is like because I didnt see it the last time I was there. Nothing much lah, except the crowd was pretty wild. Deco was very nice but each pub was very small in area. Pretty happening.

Last Day 4: Hongkong, Hua Yuan Street
We were so tired the night before after drinks, running about in the various pubs with different groups of colleagues, dancing and playing of games, that we only woke up at 12+noon. OMG. Quickly went out to our last minute shopping at nearby Hua Yuan Street and managed to get some stuff. Only a few hours time before we need to go back hotel and prepare to leave. Flight was delayed for around 2 hours and we spend those hours in the airport shopping and buying even more stuff. Our luggage weight were maxed out. But I still feel we bought too little things. Sad. =P

As for what I bought, hmmm….majority are foodstuff, DHC, SASA stuff. Of course boots..they’re too nice and cheap to resist…not much clothings as most are winter wear. Erm I really feel I buy too little stuff, machiam no buy at all. =( Pictures? You will see them when I wear them then, during new year. Hee.

Okie I’m tired and that’s my rojak post.

Better than nothing right.


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