Shagged out

Am watching 古灵精探 at now. It’s great. Good quality video plus fast streaming. Though sometimes abit sot sot. Cant hiam lah…not paying a cent. =P

It’s starred by 郭晋安 and 郭羡妮. Handsome guy + pretty girl combo. The story is like detective series. And 郭晋安 got some kind of ESP which posed as some hints in some of the cases to aid him. Quite funny. Oh and the detective series are more intriguing than the other HK detective serials in a way that it’s more difficult to guess who’s the murderer. The cases in 洗冤录(part 1 and 2) and 法证先锋(part 1 and 2) are too obvious already, usually first or second episode will know who’s the murderer while 古灵精探’s cases are more challenging. I like. =) Although, 洗冤录 is funnier with 欧阳震华. I like Bobby!

Lately I’m so shagged out from work. Despite short actual working hours, it’s actually very tiring when I also need to attend meetings, do paper work in office cum make the banner for our team goalsetting in Macau. I can reach home and just fall dead asleep till I wake up in the wee hours. That’s why I’m awake now to type this entry. But I really couldnt stand the fatigue to remain conscious when I reached home.

I wonder is it because of work stress and fatigue that I’m having stomach discomfort and insistent headache or is it because I’ve stopped consuming Yasmin for this 7 days? Hopefully it’s the former and will go away soon.

And shit, it’s so fast. Im flying on Mon and I still haven change my HKD or pack my suitcase.


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