Review of Yasmin

Yasmin is a type of oral contraceptive which regulates the menstrual cycle with other accompany benefits like improving skin complexion, weight maintenance etc.

I had finished my first pack of Yasmin and my next pack should start 7days later. The benefits have been great. Here’s my review.

-My menses cramps have improved greatly. From the serious roll-about-in-bed kinda pain, it has reduced to slight discomfort and pain in the stomach. This is the sole purpose of me taking the tablets and I’m glad it work. =)

-Weight Maintenance. Surprisingly, I think I have not gained alot of weight despite my gorging of food for the past 1 month with ice-creams and potatoe chips. But again, I dont have a functionable weighting machine so I’m not very informed of my weight changes. But at least, so far my pants all fits. Waist looks about the same.

-Fuller breasts. Remember when I mentioned my boobs shrinked when I was on slimming pills prescribed by doctors back then? I think it became slightlyyyy fuller after the past 21 days on Yasmin. Though the effect is not very huge lah. Else, Yasmin would be a heartbreaking throttle across Singapore.

-Complexion wise, I dont feel any difference. No improvement nor breakouts.

-Menses wise, I dont feel it became lighter as what Dr Christopher promised. It’s still the same. Perhaps it takes time.

As for the list of undesirable effects as stated on the overleaf, i.e;
1) headache, migraine, changes in libido, depressive mood/mood changes
2) Nausea, vomiting
3) Skin disorders like rash, erythema nodosum, breakouts
4) Changes in vaginal secretion
5) Eyes; contact lens intolerance
6) Changes in body weight, hypersensitivity reaction

I’ve experienced none of them. One more undesirable effect I read from the forums that it reduce sexual urges. Lol. Perhaps some can give it to the husbands to consume huh. But hmm, personally, now that I speak of it, yes. I think it did reduce my sexual urges. =P

Disclaimer though, I read from forums different people reacts differently to Yasmin as well as other products in the market, like Diane, Meliane, Gynera etc. If you want to know more info about the other products in the market, their benefits and undesirable effects, you can read here.

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