All into 1

As mentioned, we were shopping for Vickki’s new house and finally got one at PlazaSing’s Carrefour. Actually I regretted slightly for going PS’s branch instead of Suntec’s branch. Because Suntec’s branch is larger I think.

Anyway, it’s not the perfect house because part of it is netting and actually the size is a tad too large. But fortunately it’s flexible, so it’s able to fit into our tiny laundry yard.


We got this from the kid’s department because nothing suitable in the limited pet’s department. Erm, it’s like a rounded pyramid, with more than a dozen of colourful balls which comes with it. I just let Vickki play with them. I also bought a rug and cushion from Spotlight to place inside so that she’s more comfortable. However, she only stayed inside awhile before she jumped out to sleep on the floor. Arrgghhh. She still prefers the cooling tiles? So weird. So no choice I took out the rug and forced her to sleep inside. Lol.

Being forced to take picture


Finally settled. I insisted on a sheltered house for her in case of cold weather, and to provide more sense of security, because mum mentioned before this girl is terrified of thunder. And will hide beneath crouches or near us when thunder striked. She damn funny one lah. Whenever got thunder, she will drag all her softie toys(got pig, got bear, mini bolster) into her old house(a cushion cube) to sleep together with her. Sometimes she even dragged her cubic house to be as nearer to the outside instead of staying at her old corner. But yet, surprisingly, she aint that weak against chilly nights with her thick fur.

Sigh. Last night I suddenly think of the day which she will leave us, and I suddenly feel very sad. Because I feel no other dog can replace her for she’s so unique.

She’s not the guai-est dog around. Full of attitude and character. That’s why mum always say she’s just so like me. She’s very smart, loves to eat but yet picky like hell, naughty and extremely cunning when it comes to being a brat. But yet, sometimes she can be very sweet when she guaiguai follows commands and extremely endearing when you’re sayang-ing her on your lap or when she’s laying still for me to tie her hair. A very suitable proverb which calls to mind will be 神也是她,鬼也是她。Haiz. Perhaps I owe her in my past life.

Okie Enough of emo stuff. Dearie and I watched Ip Man at PS too. It is really as good as what the reviews said.

Movie title: Ip Man
Ratings: 5/5
Comments: Why full points? Because there’s not a moment of bore in the show, like what Iv said. If they’re no fights, the show will be with humour. And comedy works best for me, coupled with outstanding martial art moves. Awesome. I still hope Donnie Yen’s acting improves more though. I know he’s an action star but ultimately we’re watching movies. And he is an actor. I can feel his passion towards martial arts as well as the hate and fury towards the Japanese when his fellow beings were beaten to death. But I cant feel his love for his son and his wife, not even subtly. And that is not considered very trivial in the show. But still, great show, not to be missed. Happy ending too. I’ve heard they’re considering filming part 2.

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