Happy Occassions!

Im so so deadbeat yesterday and I slept like a log at around 3+am. Haven slept so early in ages. And I should sleep even earlier. For coldsores, as you know, needs lots of rest and recuperation to heal on top of medication. Strictly no stress, no late nights. So I always told dearie not to qi4 me when I have coldsores. =P

Wow yesterday was a long and happy day! Firstly was Li’s & Nel’s ROM at Li’s condo’s function room with a nice pool backdrop. Next was Kel’s darling baby Kae full month shower.

I cant sleep the previous night because of a cramp-like kind of pain in my left abdomen. And it lasted till early morning, leaving me with almost no sleep and a stomach filled with butterflies. I woke up late and wasted alot time waiting and calling for cab. By the time I reached Li’s place, I was 5-10minutes late. I thought, lucky only 5 or 10minutes…shouldnt have missed anything right? Shit! Their solemnization was already over. Argghhh! They actually solemnize on the dot, 2pm, which was the timing Li gave me. You dont know how much I hated myself then for being late! Despite the gracious couple and Auntie and Uncle did not blame me and yet asked me to eat more of the buffet, it did not relieve much of my dismay and annoyance at myself.

I shall endeavor to give Li’s a fantastic hen’s night for remedy. So fast. She’s taking her photoshoot next month and then flying off in March. Was chatting to Auntie and Uncle about how much they will miss Li when 3 months straight after engagement, she’s going to fly off to Japan for 3 years. They’re still coming back in Dec for the wedding though and Auntie said they will follow them back to Japan for a short holiday. So happy to see the couple settled down though I will missing Li when I can hardly see her in Sg already.

Wy jio go Japan to find Li together. I was abit hesitant because I probably dont have much time to spare next year when Im preparing my wedding too. And hor, Japan very EXPENSIVE leh. I spent a bomb there last time and am not sure whether I would like to spend another bomb there again. I will prefer to take the money and choose another destination to fill up my sparsely filled passport.

So far, I’ve only been to Malaysia(also counted OK! Lol), Bintan, Vietnam, Taiwan(twice), Korea, Japan, Hongkong(twice*), and Macau*. *Going in January*. You see, so few places and I’ve haven been to Europe or U.S. =( So when Gen jio me go London to find her again and again, I almost salivate with desire. Especially when I saw the pictures of her and Sha having so much fun there. =P But a big trip for next year is definitely out of the picture lah…perhaps 2010 already, our honeymoon. THAT, must negotiate with Dearie. =P

Li looked real pretty in her bought white cocktail dress.

Im afraid only 1 picture, sorry because I was hideous in all the other pictures with my very obvious swollen, red-tipped lips lor. *wails* The buffet spread was of sumptuous ingredients but they tasted only so-so, to be frank lah. The scallops werent fresh, smoked salmon long gone when I arrived(hello..Im only late 5-10minutes leh..), hard prawns and no desserts to be found. I had to leave at 3pm to Kel’s place because actually her buffet started at 1pm! So I only ate abit and proceeded to take a cab down. Oh ya I’ve no idea what to buy for Li since she can very well afford everything. *winkZ* And it’s inappropriate to buy them Precious Moment stuff(despite my phobia for it) because they wont have a house till 3 years later. So to solve my headache, I gave Li $50 taka vouchers where she can spend.

Fortunately whampoa and tampines not very far apart. I reached Kel’s place in around 10+minutes. By the time I reached, the house was already filled with people. Kel’s place is big leh! 5 room and it’s 132 sq metres. Old housing are really bigger in area! She bought at 280K only! Although the location is abit inaccessible lah. But I love the house, nicely renovated too with lots of potential.

Ohhhh Baby Kae….he’s always sleeping yesterday! Until some of Kel’s friends cant take it and forcefully woke him up to play with him. Aiyo!

Gorgeous Mama Kel! She still look as hot, frankly speaking. And she’s still slim! Yaya abit of fats around the waist lah, normal, but Im confident she can shed it off, given the vain pot she is. Haha!

I had no chance to carry Baby Kae. =( Nevermind, got chance in future. G and Jy left awhile after I reached. G got a date, woohoo! Bumped into her and the “mystery” guy when Iv and me went Tampines Mall later on. And Jy got to go home look after her Baby Enzo too. Hmm she did have some problems with her mother-in-law and Im not over-sensitive when I suspected something was wrong previously on friday drinking night. But Jy is like that one, she seldom like to talk about her problems because she dont like to burden her friends. I also wont ask about her problems unless she chose to tell me or when I see her in very bad shape. I will say, she’s still fine lah. I think ALMOST every daughter-in-law got some sort of “thing” with their mother-in-law. It’s only whether it’s on the surface or beneath the table, and how jialat only.

I seriously dont feel my MIL like me very much too but I feel I have treated her with due respect and much much more. I wont elaborate much here else it looks like Im showing off how much I did for her while XXX…………..so I will stop here. Dearie is extremely protective of his mum and I dont blame him~

Iv and I left Kel’s place at around 5.30pm to go Kar & her boyfriend Ken’s house to play mahjiong, which is only few bus stops away. We went over to Tampines Mall to buy some food, that’s where we bumped into G and her date. Secretive her! G has really no lack of admirers but probably she’s too picky already! Aiya but we didnt see the face of the guy because his back was facing us. Oh ya!! Thanks for your belated Christmas pressie girl. Haha.

Ken & kar are staying together in an executive masionatte. Although it’s 154sq metres, Kel’s house looked bigger actually. Perhaps it’s because Ken’s apartment is split into upper and lower levels. We played 2 rounds of dong nan xi bei and I ended up with 0 profit and loss for a 5dai $10/$20 stake. Damn funny. Oh well. Free game. It was fun.

$20 20minutes cab ride back. Fast, honest cab drivers really make my day(and night) when they fetched me back to my sweet home when Im so tired. =)

And to end the post, Vickki’s new hairstyle. I tie one ok after I bathed her just now. Cute right.



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