Christmas Eve

Tough luck! I had cold sore in the very early morning of Christmas eve. =( Since cooping up in the house and worrying over it will not help, dearie and I went out. We hate the crowd, that’s why we didnt go town. Instead we went West Mall and get my TheFaceShop items.

3 items and above for the Su Hyang Snow series will entitle members to a 15% off. So I bought 2 beginning serum, 1 essence and the toner, mostly for stocking up purposes. I realised TheFaceShop is also not very cheap lor. For 1 small bottle dont lasts very long. Especially the beginning serum, it seems the bottle finishes in every 2 months. And every bottle costs $50+…geez…I think the pricing is comparable to SK-II lor.

But forget it. For the sake for the upcoming photoshoot and nuptials everything, I’ll just use it for the time being, since I dont have a better alternative. Unless new products attract me. They came up to around $177, a savings of $30+. I made dearie pay for them. Letting him off too easily eh…But really dont have much practical stuff which I need for the time being. Shall make him to pay for my future shopping until I’m satisfied. Humph! =P We went arcade to play arcade then went Clementi Kbox to join dearies’ buddies and their spouses for KTV.

Kbox is really greedy. They’re always trying to “chop carrots” during festive season. They charged $50nett per pax yesterday night. Al sneaked in and the waiters were kind enough to open 1 eye and close 1 eye. Hence our bill came up to around $43 per pax. Initially we were only allowed to sing from 10pm till 1am. For 7 of us, it’s definitely not enough. Especially when Al, dearie and me reached around 11+pm. Fortunately I saw JJ there. She is my friend as well as ex-colleague in Kbox. I introduced her to work there and she has been there ever since till now. I was really happy to see her as it’s difficult to meet up with her especially when she stayed very far away and her kbox working schedule is really no day no night type.

As she was really busy yesterday, we only managed some chats now and then. I introduced my hubby to her as well as asked how is she. I’m glad she’s happily attached now as well as fruitfully busy with both studies and work. Quite funny lah when we chatted because she asked whether my hubby is “the guy” which we’re talking about when we last met. I said “ya lor”. She’s like, “wah that time like this say say only, then now married liao. You hor…”. Lol. Say me, she also mah. She’s also attached with the guy which she “say say only” last time and they’re still good till now. Coincidentally, they’re together around the same time dearie and me got together. Haha. But she said most probably marriage is not so soon as her boy is young. Ya lah. =)

All thanks to her, we’re able to sing till 4am! We had a lot of fun. After that, went supper too at nearby kopitiam. I slept at around 6am while dearie at 8+am. Woke up at around 4+pm. Shiok!

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