Xmas Surprises!

I received a few surprises today! Christmas pressies from my colleagues. They are a surprise because when I gave them Xmas pressies this year, I dont expect anything back. And particularly when this culture is not really prominent in the office. I dont really give Christmas gifts all the time too, just dont have that culture ya. I dont eat turkey lah, I dont eat Christmas dinners la, I dont sing Christmas carols lah, I dont exchange Christmas gifts lah, probably because my friends also dont practice such customs. But this year, call it a flash of interest. But it’s really no joke to wrap 20+ pressies, even though I did not wrap it very very nicely, not that I didnt try! My back ached!

Merry Xmas!

Diamante pendant on chain from Mary

Pink piggy wrist rest from Tanny

Micky & Minnie couple picture frame from Cat. Oh she bought from HK.

Another couple picture frame from Terry. Look like a pair of boobies to me. HAHA.

Precious Moments couple mini picture frame from Sandra.

Okie. I think I’ve developed some sort of phobia towards Precious Moment after my ROM. Lol. Nevertheless, they’re still very sweet. Thanks to all my sweet colleagues, they’re all so thoughtful. Smuacks!

Oh Forgot to include Irene’s Xmas gift(because I’ve already opened and use liao. Haha). She gave me a pair of fake eyelashes too. Keke. Thanks so much!!

Oh I forgot to mention what I gave them. Actually I used the same shiny wrapping paper as Sandra. Haha. My pressies mostly includes all sorts of masks(good ones OK), fruitty lip blams and Carebear glosses. =)

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