Twilight, Terrific



Rating: PG
Consumer Advice: Some Violence
Genre: Romance/ Thriller
Language: English with No Subtitle
Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Main Cast: Kristen Stewart , Robert Pattinson , Billy Burke , Peter Facinelli , Elizabeth Reaser
Runtime: 121mins

Finally. After 1month plus of refraining ourselves from watching uninteresting movies/cartoony-movies out of boredom, we finally watched one which kept our eyes glued to the screen and seat warmed with anticipation.

I wont be a spoiler, so dont worry, you can read on. It’s definitely worth 4.99 stars to me out of 5. Initially I though it’s just a simple romance film which depicted a giddy teenager who conveniently falls in love with a good-looking vampire. But the film is definitely more than that. Catherine is one director whose shows I’ve never seen before. Is she famous or anything? Im pretty sua-gu when it comes to hollywood directors but this is one hell of a show she directed. It’s full of drama, thrills and propels you sinisterly into a realm which seems so dangerous and sinful but yet captivating and attractive. It seems so real but yet illusional. As if it’s happening right there but yet out of your reach.

The vampire, starred by Robert Pattinson was sinfully gorgeous but yet dangerously chilling. I think he acted pretty well for his role. Kristen looked better and better everytime I looked at her. But I much preferred Ellen Page(In “Juno”) to have that role because I feel she can act better. She’s pretty too. Kristen’s acting was like…pretty much…bland in the show..except when kissing Robert where she turned so passionate. Lol. Either that her 17 year old student role was supposed to be like that, not easily excited, not lively, dont smile much etc. Dearie added Kristen might be more suitable as she is taller to pair with Robert. Sigh…the woes of all shorties like me. And you’re also in for a series of laughs during a show. It’s actually quite funny.

Ok. So do catch the show. =)

Saw darling Ser at Sephora! There were hoards of people in the shop and once there, dearie immediately spotted Ser and Ser immediately spotted dearie too. And dearie added that it’s probably because both of them are taller, then he chuckled. Humph! Seeing Ser busy, I also cant talk to her much. But she told me her staff discount is 20%-30%! Keke. But after browsing 1 round, I dont have anything to buy, so I told dearie I wanted to find Ser and tell her we’re leaving. He, immediately spotted her again with almost no efforts. Tall people indeed have more pros. Easily spot people and easily be spotted. 😛

Didnt know I will see Ser as I didnt expect to go Sephora too. So didnt bring the Christmas present leh. Shall jio her out soon!


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