Yes We have made up

It’s sooner than I thought it will be. I intended to ignore him 3 days one. WOAH, SO PETTY! Ya I am, especially when some hot buttons are being pressed.

When I dare you to do something in retaliation, in this case, switching on the FM radio again, you better dont do it! Else, dont regret on the consequences for I meant everything I said, i.e, dont talk to me, which translates to “I wont talk to you ever again.”

Basically, I ignored my stoopig husband all day, had a few outbursts when he tried to goad me into overturning his defence about,

He: I didnt hear that part about “if you on the FM again, then dont ever talk to me.”!

Me: It’s so quiet in the car after I switched them OFF, how can you not hear?

He: I didnt rudely ask you to shut up leh..I only “shhh” you with a smile and tap you on your thigh. I wasnt rude! I was just trying to ask you to stop so that we can listen and then discuss later.

Me: “shhhhing” someone off is just plain rude when you’re interrupting and a smile nor tap doesnt make a difference to me. Especially we’re on the same topic. It just irks me when some other woman’s views might be more important to you than me especially on a topic like “The best compliments a lady wish to hear.”!

He corrected me by saying that night it wasnt Jean Danker nor is she his favourite DJ. But THAT’S NOT THE POINT!

Anyway, awhile I was ICE Queen(totally ignore) and awhile I was FIRE Queen(with outbursts). Punctuated with occasional tearing, I still did not incline to answer him that much despite his apologies. Why, his attitude wasnt very good lor! Like, “I already apologised many times liao, what else you want? What you want me to do then you dont angry?”

Why some guys can be so dense sometimes??? Obviously you need actions and do SOMETHING! “Sorry” big deal ahhh. =P

Anyway, when I finally broke my silence and spoke to him again was when I discovered he finished eating all my potatoe chips! Despite my intention to ignore him the whole night, I couldnt tolerate but screamed at him “You turtle! You finished all my potatoe chips and now I cant eat!”

He looked so innocent and hammered that I have to bite back a laugh.

“Then I go buy lor…what type you want?”

“buy the sour cream and onion, brand must be Pringles. Also buy jJack&Jill spicy and BBQ flavour potatoe chips…and also….nahzzzzz I go with you lah, wait you buy wrongly again.”

That’s how we made up. But Im not totally appeased lor. I told him he has to pay a price for causing me distress.

“Let’s be practical. You have to buy me something I want.”

He looked as if the world has come to the end.

“what you want….?”

“dont know…tomorrow go some boutiques shop first.”



But dont worry lah, I wont burst your limit one. Dont need so much. =)


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