Ways to achieve fairer and better skin in 3months. =)

Im really serious when I said I’ve become fairer, face that is. Last time, the Coogi blemish balm cream(if you dont know what is BB cream, time to google it already okie) which Ir gave me as sample dont suit me because I found the shade a tad too light. But now it suits me perfectly. On the other hand, I realised my existing Shu Uemura face architect liquid foundation and Castledew BB cream has became a tad too dark for my skin tone. That’s why I suddenly noticed Shu’s dont look as flattering on me as it did previously. Because the shade dont match.

And if you would like to know how I achieved fairer skin, it’s all here. Japanese Sea-salt scrub from SASA and Su Hyang Snow Series from The Face Shop.

In addition, during that last 3 months before my ROM, which was the period which I 临时抱佛脚, the things which I’ve done or changed(which I think might be a help to my horrible complexion) are as follows:

1) Use lesser makeup

Instead of using my normal ZA 2 way cake, I used Beautycredit Greentea Blemish Balm cream and top with normal loose powder. Blemish balm is said to contain ingredients to improve complexion and is less harsh than normal foundations. 2 way cakes, although fast in application, is said to clog pores. I also noticed when I use lesser 2way cakes, my pores shrinked alittle.

2) With proper cleansing, toning and moisturizing. With sunblock.

Last time I only use toner after cleansing, that’s all. It’s actually not enough. At least apply 1 type of moisturizer or night cream before sleep. Sunblock is a must for outdoor..though sometimes I also forgot to apply.

3) Do more masks

Any masks will do. Hydrating, moisturizing, whitening, firming bla bla. Try to do it thrice a week. Some even use them everyday! The ones I love most is 我的美丽日记 which are only available in Livejournal sprees. Other Taiwanese masks also not bad.

Since we’re here, I shall vote for my different fave masks.

For soothing of skin and relaxation, 我的美丽日记 lavender mask.

For whitening and brightening of dull skin, Silk Whitia Pearl Powder Mask, from SASA, 我的美丽日记 black pearl mask, 我的美丽日记 Bulgarian White Rose Mask.

For lightening of scars/marks, Catena Red wine Mask.

For firming, St Ives Firming Clay Mask(tube form, from Watson)

That’s all I can think of at the moment.

For hydration and moisturizing, almost any mask can do.

Basically, I love most of 我的美丽日记masks.



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