Any ladies with me?

Our yearly goal setting is coming soon and this time, it’s going to be held at Macau. We will further extend a night at Hongkong, a total of 4 days 3 nights. It’s a refreshing idea because I have never been to Macau. Usually we will get very good bulk discounts, but this time round was pretty disappointing. It came up to around $750. Usually we have even better rates. But well, I think Ed has tried his best.

And so, we have the usual team bonding games. They’re not yet being disclosed yet but we’re already being sorted into our own teams. Each team have to come up with team name, team slogan and a banner measuring 0.75m X 2m. I volunteered to get the material of the banner, which no doubt must be cloth, otherwise it’s damn inconvenient to bring up the plane. I met Dearie at PS to buy. I think SpotLight got many cloths. Halfway through my train journey to PS, he said his buddies were also at PS. Then I said, if they want we can dine together. Eventually we dine separately with them at foodcourt and dearie & me at Ajitei. Initially we wanted ThaiExpress but too long queue. =(

Then halfway into the meal lehhh, dearie said maybeeee later when I go shopping, he will go meet up with the guys AWHILE if THAT’S OK with ME. I said Im okie lah, since I need to buy the banner cloth and certainly dont mind my own shopping time at Charles & Keith, SASA and DAISO. He further added that initially they wanted to meet tomorrow but because tomorrow he got roadshow thus he cant make it.

Ohhhhhhh So they prefer to meet today instead, even when I already jio dearie out beforehand. Noooo Problemmmm. Im definitely a very understanding and independent wife. Although Im seriously suspecting whether my husband is gay.

Alright, off you go. And quit giving me all sorts of reasons doubled with “If you prefer me to accompany you, I can dont meet them one..”. Just cut the crap. You’re dying to go can. I can see the FIRE in your eyes.

And so I chased him to go meet his friends while I settled the bill at Ajitei. After that, I took my own sweet time shopping. Really, I dont like shopping with male partners. They cant give you any constructive views except to discourage you from spending more. Like when I said “hey this got a 20% discount”, he will counter with “if you dont buy leh, will be a 100% discount leh!”. We really dont have chemistry in THAT area. *rolls eyes*

He came back to me in much shorter time than I expected. And he laughingly told me his buddy’s fiancee was also in Amore(gym) while they were meeting. We’re so nice~~~~~Common, few wives or girlfriends for that matter will be that considerate to siam 1 side WITHOUT a black face just because the husband want to meet his buddies(or vice versa whatever) WHILE HE’S OUT WITH THE WIFE ALREADY. And know how he repay my kindness? Just read on.

I’ve been eyeing Bourjois fond de teint 10 hour sleep effect foundation for a long time. It’s a mineral-enriched foundation with ingredients such as vitamins E, F, B5 and it promises to give you fresh, rested complexion, as if you had 10hours of sleep. I tried on my hand before and was surprised with how good it feels on me. It’s really refreshing and it feels as if tired skin has been revived. It is smooth and rather liquid. I rather like it because it’s not very thick, though it probably wont give too much coverage. Shall review it once I tried. =)

Im hesitant to buy it because…aiya..I know I shouldnt keep buying la…but since Stardust at PS is having 20% off..then why not right…Lol. Again, auntie mentality. Got 20% or more discount, any doubts will be banished! I pushed to dearie to pay for me, demanding it as my Christmas present(it’s such a cheap birthday present isnt it). It’s only a $32 after the discount. I further bought the Japanese Tsubuki shampoo and conditioner(white bottle) which had good raves, and also ZA whitening 2 way foundation refill.

As I mentioned my skin tone has lighten, my current Shu Uemura’s foundation already dont flatter me as much.. In fact, it looks horrible.. So this time round, I bought the correct shade for both bourjois and ZA 2way refill.

Shortly after, we went home. FM98.7 Jean Danker was on a topic “Compliments which Ladies like to hear” and dearie was SO EXCITED with the topic that he promptly increased the volume and listened intently. And Jean, his favourite DJ said one of the best compliments which ladies like to hear is on their “Communication” skills.

“They’ll love compliments like…Oh I can talk to you all night long. ”

I really doubt so. Why? Because not many ladies can hold an intelligent conversation and most dont focus that much on communication. Usually the prettier they are, the more bimbotic they are(no offence to anyone!). They’re much more focused on their looks and hair most of the time, I can totally assure you. Or rather, they have the brains, they have the communication skills but usually do not incline to use them. Because when 2 beautiful strangers look at each other eye to eye with either lust/love-at-first-sight. That’s it! Body language takes the lead and who cares about verbal communication. And 70% of communication makes up from body language.

And I said that aloud, namely “Communication skills meh..most girls will prefer compliments to their looks bah..” before the stupid asshole(my husband if you dont know who Im referring) “shhhhhhhh” me off rudely hastily, signaling me to SHUT UP so that he can listen to his Jean Danker’s almighty views.

I tell you Im so mad that after I delibrately turned down the volume, Im still not appeased! I shut off his damn car FM and refused to talk to him for the whole night.

And just after a FEW minutes ticked by, he switched on the FM again AFTER I told him if he wants to listen to that FM then dont talk to me.

My comments dont matter eh?
Jean’s reviews more important eh?

Than talk/listen to your god damn DJ and dont ever talk to me!

Im SoooOoo Sorry that my house dont have FM Radio. Why dont you just sleep in your car so that you can have jean Danker to accompany you for the whole night?

Seriously, you can say me petty.

But I really dont feel respected. Dammit. And I thought if he were to be interested in that topic, wouldnt my answer matters the most? NO! He dont care how the fcuk I feel. To be “shhhhh” off rudely while on the same topic with another female DJ and particularly on a topic which verged on “The Best compliments which Ladies love to hear?”, yes, I AM OFFENDED.

Common, any ladies with me? I AM RIGHT TO GET PISSED, DONT I?


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