Everything is Perfect

Is it normal to be fantasizing about food in the middle of the night for hours consecutively for few days? *groaned* Could it be somehow my fantastic and humongous appetite has returned from a long absence of appetite suppressant pills? I know I sound like a bore when each meal is ended with “oh my god…I shouldnt eat so much else I’ll be fat again!” but Im really left with no choice since 2 of my cheongsum were already altered to my sizing.

When I collected them weeks ago with G and Jy, I was screaming like a wild chicken in the fitting room that the girls, including the shop owner came asking me what happened!

“I’ve grown fatterrrrr! For the butt is tight and the waist is so fitting although we meant it to have some allowance!”

Flicking glances up and down my body, they all dismissed me with a shrug that I still look slim. But I didnt lie! The cheongsum did had to go through a ultra round BARRIER tediously before it can even be worn properly and all the while, Im so afraid that it’ll snap.

Alright. Enough of my whining. *abrupt ending*

I’ve been busy lately. It’s kinda shiok to make yourself so tired and hungry and then gorging yourself with bulk of good food completed with an ice-cream cone. Ya rubbish right me. While complaining, I still eat icecream from time to time and fried food is a MUST. How to avoid you tell me? When even MAC breakfast comes with fried harsh browns. Yum yum.

Come to think of it, we have been married for 1month plus? Although it feels like….like….we’re not married at all. Lol. Because everything is still as carefree, relaxed, enjoyable and sweet as it has been from 20th Jan 2007 when he started to hold my hand down a gigantic flight of stairs at NTU. Thinking back, we would have been together much earlier if Im not such a blockhead and he being a worrier who worry about all the “what-ifs”. Anyway Im glad for my short single break back then and the tiny merry chase, that will teach him to treasure me more. =P

Of course I dont mean I dont feel we’re already married because I’m not committed. But the fact is I really dont quite feel the commitment because everything is just so…natural…so right…enjoyable and happy…that the word “commitment” is totally unnecessary. We’re just perfect like this. =) I am starting to feel that actually “commitment” is a negative word. It imposes stress, a hint of unwillingness or unnaturalness that one confined himself to. =P Though I have to admit more responsibility and the feeling of commitment will follow when we got our own house. That’s when bills and household chores need to be segregated.

Me too hope he feels the same as me, especially when I know he’s not one who loves matrimony. Sagittarius, loves freedom and hates restrictions, remember? But again, Im hardly restricting him in any way. Count yourself lucky dear..if you read forums…you’ll know how XIN FU you are. =P And though his insensitiveness and BZD-ness(buay zi dong) can be a tad annoying sometimes, Im glad he didnt throw a fit when his wife actually bundled some little pretty Xmas gifts for some friends while the husband had none. (P/S Cancerians and Aquarius boyfriends will most probably throw a fit. =P) Im sure he understands that I dont need a reason nor a festival to give him gifts. I simply buy him stuff as and when I saw something suitable. =) Ever since the last silver tie, I also ran out of ideas anyway. Not going to buy him things for the purpose of buying.

I still have many more pressies with me reserved for my dear friends but haven got time/chance to meet up with them just yet due to mostly work and relationship commitments. Alright Shall go sleep already. Ciaoz.


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