Sat night out with Eil/Wedding preps

You’ll know you’ve seen a Hello Kitty Freak if you saw a car like this;






Haha. Crazy!

Some nice gifts from New Zealand!!

Shen bought this for dearie and me. I have the koala while he has the kangaroo.

The left is a thermal mud face pack from Der and the right is a Manuka honey moisture rich body lotion from Eil.

Thanks to all!

Yesterday met Eil for dinner at Pasta Cafe at Taka. Their pasta are quite tasty. I always love the generous servings of slipper lobster for their Slipper Lobster Pasta. There are like 3 pieces, cut into halves. pretty filling. Though yesterday’s pasta’s flavour was off abit. Eil ordered Amatriciana(bacon & ham). We also ordered the appetizer sampler. You can imagine how full we were.

Being the heels addict, we shopped around combing all the shoe counters/stores at wisma, taka but didnt see anything we like. It can be so annoying. When it’s the 3rd pair of shoes I eyed with my size ran out at Charles&Keith, you can imagine my chagrin.

“What kind of shoe store is this, with everything ran out?” I hissed, much to Eil’s amusement.

Seriously, how can 1 pair per size of each design be enough for the shoe-ka-holics in Singapore? Like wise with Heatwave.

There was no time to go Fareast Plaza hence we settled down at Top of the M for a drink. We had mocktails and a long chat. And all this while, behind Eil was a couple smooching to the extent that it looks like foreplay on the couch. =.= One was a mid-twenties Caucasian male while the other looks like a mid-thirties auntie from China. Her mushroom head was a signature. Dressed in a blazer with wide pants, she looks like an executive and the guy looks plainly like a gigolo with his looks, though outfit was badly mismatched when his black suit was matched with white polo shoes.

I mouthed my distaste to Eil who tried to peek on them via the corner of her eye and she was shocked that the female did look very auntie. Well, you cant blame us for being gossipy. It’s HUMAN NATURE. If a older woman is to go out with a younger guy, especially when the 2 differs in looks to a great length, it’s bound to invite pondering looks. And their PDA(public display of affection)..common, go check in the hotel already. =P

We chatted much about my wedding day preparations and the gate-crashing torture ideas which she has. She also analyzed the timing for me and I do appreciate for after her advice, I suddenly realized timing may not be as plentiful as I thought. Hmmm…..
Anyway, Im thinking I will just find 1 or 2 more jiemeis as Eil’s car can seat a max of 6 sisters including herself, might a lil’ crampy though. Wouldnt that be so shiok with all the beauties on a sexy dark purple convertible? The pictures will be stunning! Any volunteers? =P

Miki will be my makeup artist(MUA) for the day/night and I will be booking another MUA for my mummy and emcee later next year. Because few MUA confirms for bride’s mother or emcee’s makeup because the revenue is relatively lower than a bride’s job. I will not be engaging any MUA for jiemeis but I will arrange a bigger angbao instead. =) NewImage’s videographer is not bad, seen his works, so we will be taking from them. $1000 for whole day videography(10hours etc) and $200 for express highlights. Another optional $100 for whole day summary video. As for photography, I feel they’re pretty mediocre. They looked like pictures taken by a normal camera like mine and a novice by me. So that one will be on hold. In any case, I might get my own photographer.

San and Ed has confirmed to be our emcees. I hope it will be an electrifying combination. Since they are already so close(Ed is San’s brother-in-law) and as they’re both our colleagues, so much work is saved. Ed is an experienced emcee as he has done it many times, Im sure he can do a good job while taking care of San. I dont think I even need to give him an emcee script since he’s so experienced already..but perhaps only tell him the timing bah. I hope he can come up with something fun and lively for the dinner as I have no idea what to arrange as entertainment, not to mention cost-saving.

We actually left the lounge at the same time with the Old-Young-Couple. We heard the mushroom-head female oozing perfect English with that super-annoying accent. When she enunciated her “Ohhhh, Tank Qqqqqqq” to Eil for holding a door for just a sec for them, my knees nearly went weak with trembles and almost had a fall. It’s THAT “teh”. Eil was cheekily saying she overheard saying they’re going to some balestial hotel, perhaps for some humping. =P

We then went Swensen for a bite. Ordered fries, wings and ice-cream. I told Eil that one surely gains weight when out with her. Thanks for her ride home. It’s super cooling and shiok to be cruising home with the car top down although hair will be flying everywhere. But once in a awhile is fine lah. =)

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  1. Mootq says:

    My goodness that hello kitty car.

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