Dignity OR Charity?

Im awake at this ungodly hour because of intense cramp pains again. 😦 It’s so hard being a woman sometimes. When we asked Jy about how painful was her delivery, she said it’s 10times more than normal menses cramp. Since my cramp is more serious than normal people, I suppose it should be around 4 to 5 times for me. *faintz* I already cant really tahan my cramps already, will I just die of pain during pregnancy? *horror* And if you’re like me who have intense cramps, try “Nurofen” instead of the pink Panadol. It’s much more effective and works faster. Available at Watson.

An update from the last gynae checkup. When I reached GynaeMD at Camden, the softly furnished clinic largely put me at ease. Staff were polite, prompt and rather businesslike. The doctor who did my checkup is Dr Christopher Ng. While I expect a reasonably white-haired man who looks like 40years old, I was both surprised and dismayed that he looks nothing like the sort. It seems most SG men maintains pretty well these days huh? He dont look a day over 32years. =.= While his chiseled face was a comfort, Im not entirely comfortable with all the checkup procedures. Im more awkward than shy. However, he is pretty experienced and was prompt with all the checkups to shorten the duration.

Im largely OK I assume, since I did not hear from him regarding my Papsmear. But when he did asked me about my monthly ordeal, I told him frankly about the cramps. He then introduced me Yasmin, an oral contraceptive which can regulate hormones cycle and reduce menstrual cramps. After asking if Im trying to conceive to which Im shaking my head wildly, he added that it’s an excellent contraceptive coupled with other benefits like better skin, weight maintenance and it reduces the risk of getting some cancers.

After assuring that no weight gain and no side effects to fertility even after stopping of the pill, I’ve decided to heed his advice and try for 3 months. He also prescribed some vanilla flavoured iron tablets to replenish the blood level which may run low during menstruation, especially since my blood pressure is on the low side. I can sense that he is trying hard to close me as his client rather than simply honouring a F.O.C medical checkup and then saying bye-bye. Since what he’s proposing suits my needs and he solves my problems, I dont see the harm to take up. He also explained alot to me and gave me lots of advices. I paid for all 3 months supply of Yasmin and iron tablets at around $110+. Sorry, dont quite remember since it’s like 1 month back. I started on this pill yesterday as it was my 1st day of menses.

I suddenly thought of my own job when he’s trying to close me as his client. One can certainly feels when she’s a “prey”. Lol. Anyway, my point is, although I know his intention, but if what he’s proposing suits my needs and solves my problems then why not?

Some people can be that kan4 bu4 kai1. Like whenever an insurance agent tried to approach them and propose either savings, life and critical illness plans etc. They starts to back off, thinking, “hng, another agent trying to earn my money. Im not that stupid to let them earn big bucks out of me!”. We very well know that our higher percentage of commission(as compared to normal sales people) can be a drawback to how people may perceive us; gold-digging maybe. But let me tell you, one might be so and desperate to clinch a sale when he or she is around the first year of sales. When an agent like me who has been in the business for more than 3 years(around 4 years actually), it has become more of a passion and obligation of wanting to make a difference to people’s lives by trying to propose solutions to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

Do you know how much would a $100,000 or even a $10,000 cheque might mean to different people when dealt with a challenging situation of losing a loved one who is the breadwinner in the family or losing their job or losing their limbs? You dont know. In a hospital, all friends and relatives will come with fruits basket, looks of sympathy in the eyes and warmest wishes, but think of it, is that what the patient really wants? He wants money! He wants people to pay his gastronomical medical bills! He wants his family expenses to be taken care of! And who delivers that promise? Insurance.

And if you never have that thought running through your head, that is, nothing bad will befall you then probably you can think again. For all of us; humans are all at the mercy of God. Some vegetarians can contract cancer and some regular joggers can suffer a stroke. Nothing is certain. I understand that nobody likes to think of such terrible ultimatum, but you have to. If you think you’re rich and can afford to pay your own bills, then fine. But again, why would you prefer to pay with your own money instead of letting a company to take care of it? Doesnt make sense.

And stop having the thought that your parents can pay for you or the government can save you. Your parents, any surplus should be for their retirement. And if you’re filial enough and has more to spare, you should plan their retirement. That’s only reasonable when they have spent more than half their life taking care of you. Im guilty as charged, when my laundry and my dinners are still done by Mummy.

If you’re over 21, then start getting responsible for your own life. And if you’re married, then start getting responsible for your family members as well. Instead of waiting for things to happen then panic, you can try to plan for it offhand. As for pinning your hopes on the government, that’s all the more…wussy. Im shocked with some Singaporeans’ thinking whereby they thought in the event of misfortune, the Govt will help. Yes they will, like in a hundred years.

A simple task like dearie wanting to get season parking at my place can be so tedious already. Despite explaining that he is my hubby living together with me till we find a suitable flat with the show of the marriage cert, HDB requires him to change his IC address to my address. In additional, his dad need to delete his name as “occupier” in his flat and my mum need to add him as “occupier” in mine. When we tried to do so via SINGPASS in hdb web, dearie is required to fill up a fleet of questions right down to the detail how much he earns.

Since he’s a self-employed with no fixed salary, he need to go down to the HDB and do a statutory declaration. And he was like, “huh declare how much? We every month different leh and 08’s income tax assessment haven come yet. Wait till April?” Because self-employed’s income is applicable for deduction of business expenses etc. And even if he really did go down, I was told a minimum of 2 months is needed to process the application. As there’s not enough season slots here, one has to resort to illegal parking. Each fine is $100! And yet they need 2months to process this bloody stupid thing. How much they can earn via our summons in that 2 months?

Back to topic, if the govt can get so troublesome with such a small thing, do you think you can easily be subsidized with a substantial sum of money easily and promptly? Most probably by the time one gets it, he will be in the coffin already. Singaporeans always feel they’re the poorest(except some) and deserved to be helped. Always complaining when they cant get the latest LV bag or the need to take the public transport. Think about it again, we’re very fortunate already. They dont know how poor is really poor by Singapore’s standards. Familes who earn less than $300 or $500 are then considered poor.

I had a prospect with more than $100K in his CPF telling me that he is POOR and if he’s striked with illness or any other misfortune, he will apply for Govt subsidy. I really feel like slapping him for Govt’s subsidy should go to more needy people and not people like him who is so stingy that he is not even willing to take up a $5 per month accidental plan to safeguard he and his family.

Live with DIGNITY OR CHARITY. Your choice.


2 Responses to Dignity OR Charity?

  1. joelyeo85 says:

    i think what you are saying is true. totally agree with it

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